Once again, I need to thank Jakobe Ares Moreno for sending the multitrack audio files over so we could synch them up with this video. My audio came out distorted- I think the Rode failed.. so huge thanks!
The synch is all whacked out while they prepare to play for the first 1:50. I should have trimmed that out, sorry. Just forward it to 1:50 and they will start rocking.
Man, they sounded great.

So much to say about this one. I hung out with so many old friends at the show that I only ended up video’ing the Deathryders set. There were a ton (6 or 7) of bands there and the cafe was packed. It was really nice to see everyone show up for the memorial. Pat Stratford was even there, glad to see him out for this.
Deathryders are Dustin Stratford (Charlie’s son), Jakobe Ares (playing Lyon Wong’s guitar), Brian Hanover, Charles Albright playing a set of mostly Tales of Terror songs. I did not catch the bass player’s name.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG60 and multitrack audio from Matt at the cafe
Multitrack mix by Anonymous- thanks Anonymous!

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