The Dragons- The Dragonfly, Los Angeles Ca. 2/7/95 xfer from 8mm master tape!

Here’s a great video of The Dragons, shot by Todd Nakamine with my camera. Todd has always had amazing musical taste, and he does it again here. He drove from his house to pick up my camera in whittier(wrong way), and then back to L.A. to the show. So glad he did it, as I ended up loving the bands he filmed.
Recorded with a Sony TR81 camcorder

Recorded by: Todd Nakamine

Equipment Used: Sony TR81 camcorder


Live Concert Video

The Muffs- Dragonfly, Los Angeles Ca. 2/7/95 xfer from 8mm master tape pt 1

I lived in the L.A. area from 1992-1995. I had 2 good friends when I lived there- Todd Nakamine was one of them. We met at a Penelope Houston show at Bogart’s shortly after I loved there in 1992 or 93. We both filmed shows. In 1995, Todd’s camcorder died, so he would drive out from Redondo Beach (I think), pick up the TR-81, then go back and tape a show. He did this a few times- once for this show, once for a fem2fem in-store performance. That’s an hour round trip, that was dedication! Anyway, Todd was always trying to get me to see this band called The Muffs. I never did, and then years later they become one of my all-time favories. Glad I have the tape now. The audio is extremely distorted- sorry about that. They must have been loud.

Recorded by:Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Sony TR-81


Live Concert Video

Groovie Ghoulies- Music Machine, Los Angeles Ca. 1/25/89 Multicam

These next videos are ones that I (nor Jim, Zoran etc) filmed. Since Groovie Ghoulies were based in Sacramento (and Kepi went to high school with me), they get posted. Here is a CLASSIC multicam of an early incarnation of the band, when they were based in L.A. That hair is amazing.

Recorded by: Unknown (Music Machine may have had a multicam system there)

Live Concert Video