The Muffs- Satellite, Los Angeles Ca. 3/2/13 Canon HFM30 HD Live

I went on vacation to San Diego with my family in 2013 and learned that The Muffs were playing in L.A. at the same time I was going to be there. My and my friend Pete Markall made the 2+ hour drive to the show… it was totally worth the trek. They had not been playing live too often at the time- they played a show in SF in 2011 and this was only their 3rd show since then…
This was the only time I got to see them in their hometown, and it was probably the best(and longest) show I was able to catch. Very loose- they were having a lot of fun- at about 20 minutes in, Kim changes guitars. Ronnie: “Are you in tune?” Kim: “yeah, I’m in Tune, what the fuck”. Her comments on vinyl (and 8 track tape) at 43:00 are a must watch.
This is filmed with a consumer 1080p Canon camcorder, before I got my nicer equipment so it is a little grainy.
I also audiotaped the show. Hopefully one day this video will get an improved audio source synched with it.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFM30 and stock mic.

Live Concert Video

Grandaddy- Spaceland, Los Angeles Ca. 3/17/00 Audio Only Jason Lytle

I ran out of time to transfer something from my archive of stuff, so I dug through a box of discs that I received from Matt Hargrove for something Sacramento related… and happened to pull out one of my favorite bands from Northern Cal- thanks Matt!
I was late to the party with Grandaddy. I heard KEXP play “Now its On” from Sumday in 2002 and was hooked. Then I learned that the band was from Modesto and I missed out on years of local shows, doing (even better) early stuff. D’oh! I am still hoping that Brian McKenna finds that demo tape (1 of 5) that the band gave him.
This recording has unknown lineage, but it seems like all recordings of the band are really nice quality.

recorded by: ?
equipment used: ?

Audio Live Concert

Son Volt- KSCA Music Hall, Los Angeles Ca 3/26/96 xfer from DAT Master Jay Farrar live in studio

Here’s another Son Volt radio appearance from their March of 1996 tour- this one from KSCA. KSCA was the big commercial “adult alternative” station, and the interview reflects as much. They handle it pretty well.

Recorded by: Kevin Haynes and gifted to me
Equipment used: He had a TCD-D7 I think
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony PCM-R500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Performance

Fugazi- Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles Ca 11/8/95 Master Video w/ DAT Master Soundboard Audio

I usually post obscure audio on Monday, but since I didn’t post on Saturday I will make up for it here.
Huge thanks to Gary Davis for digitizing his master video and sending it my way to be synched and posted- that was very kind.
This one had a funny story- I had heard that Fugazi was OK with soundboard recordings, but this was L.A. and the Shrine was huge. I was not holding out much hope plugging in to the board for this one. I sneak the DAT in and head over to the board and my old friend Greg Dean was there! We had worked together at Valley Parcel and now he was running one of the biggest? (best for sure) audio production companies in L.A. along with his friend Greg. He plugs me right in and lets me stand in the board area (the place was PACKED). Meeting Greg here and at the Geraldine Fibbers show in Aron’s records parking lot earlier in the year reconnected us permanently. It’s fun to watch Greg’s world travels with Green Day, Social D, Megadeth, and now Riot Games. Awesome.
The mix was great- I did a little rebalancing in Izotope RX8, boosting guitars and such.

Video recorded by: Gary Davis, courtesy of Rock-Steadi-Cam (subscribe to his youtube channel
Audio Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D3 lined in the soundboard
Audio/Video Synch by King Bean
Rebalance in Izotope RX8

Live Concert Video