FM Knives- Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, 8/23/03

Filmed by Caroline Keddy, as credited in the YouTube post by anyanythingthing1.

0:00 Valentine 2:11 I Live Alone 4:00 Just Like William Tell 5:20 Keith Levine 8:04 Estrogen 10:15 Can’t Afford You Now 12:47 Secret Of My Success 14:44 1988 17:20 Two Swords

FM Knives were quasi-legendary Sacramento guitarist and producer Chris Woodhouse’s old garage punk rock band, and seem to not have been featured on SMA before. Active only from about 2001-04…they did reunite to play a final show in 2016 at The Hemlock, which as of October 2018 is no more, gentrification claims yet another SF live landmark.

Audio on here is a bit overdriven (no surprise with that) but it is still plenty listenable.

Live Concert Video

Go Go’s- California State Fair, Sacramento Ca. 8/15/03 Audio Xfer from DAT Master

This one is pretty mediocre. It looks like there is a better recording on the internet, but it only has 2 songs. This was my favorite era of the go go’s- I loved their later output. This was the God Bless the Go Go’s tour, so you get Unforgiven, Throw Me a Curve and more!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCDD7 DAT & Coresound mics with battery box bass rolloff\

Audio Live Concert