Las Pesadillas, 10/09/2018, Harlow’s, Video (Live Concert)

Las Pesadillas Live at Harlow’s, opening for Monks of Doom
Recorded by: Jim McLain


Tracklist and time marker by Jason Cox (via YouTube comment):

0:13 Desert Flower
2:51 Yet Another Disappointment
5:19 Enemy Farm
8:57 The Aquanaut
12:11 L’Chaim
15:32 Girls Running From Bullets
18:57 Everybody Died But Me
23:11 Seven Shades of Winter
29:16 The Adventures of Miles P. Somethinorother
33:33 Il Bacio


Live Concert Video

Monks of Doom- Ivy Room, Albany Ca. 5/20/18 Multicamera with Matrix Audio

Man, I can’t believe it has been almost 2 years since I last saw MoD. Time flies. For some reason, my gopro that was on David’s side of the stage decided to not work. I thought it would affect the edit a lot, but it isn’t too bad.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy (Video) and Tom Scharff(Audio)
Equipment Used: Video: Canon HFG40, Canon HFG30(drums), Gopro Hero 4 silver.
Audio: Neumann KM140 pair at FoH + 2x Neumann KM143 on stage, Sound Devices MixPre6, WAV @24/48
Edit: Tromster

Live Concert Video

The Monks Of Doom: The Make-Out Room San Francisco, CA 5/19/18 Multicam

I can’t remember why, but I was tied up with something and I left for the show late. Parking around the makeout room is a huge pain in the ass, so I stressed out while trying to park for 20min or so. I walked a couple of blocks with my equipment and talk to Victor- they are going on in 10 minutes. So I scrambled to get my stuff set up- so glad I made it- this is a great set. They were totally on that night.

Cherry Blossom Baptism
In Anticipation of the Pope
The Bastards Never Show Themselves
Going South
Up From the Cane
Oh Well
Vaporize Your Crystals
The Better Angels of Our Nature
The Sinking of the Essex
Let’s Split
Ukranian Technological Faith Dance
Osiris Rising
Voodoo Vengeance

Video Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG40, 2x Gopro Hero4 silver
Audio recorded by: Morst.
Edited by: Ehud Lazin

Live Concert Video

Monks of Doom- Cattle Club, Sacramento 8/25/90 Part 1 (only for now)


So I always have an endless backlog of video & audio stuff to do for people (so if you are waiting, sorry, I will get to it). Right now, I am giving the Camper Van Beethoven documentary guys about 50 videos. They asked for some Cattle Club stuff that I had not seen in a while. Check out how great this clip is- and look what can happen when you turn the lights all the way up in that place! Seriously, great stuff. This was my favorite era of theirs.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Live Concert Video

Monks of Doom- Kennel Club, San Francisco Ca. 7/25/90 xfer from 8mm master enhanced

The kennel had those psychedelic light show guys at a lot of their shows in 1990. It’s cool to see, but it makes the stage darker. I was finally able to enhance this one so it is a bit more watchable. Greg was super dark before.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 & Sony ECM909 mic
Enhanced with Adobe Premiere (Exposure/brightness) and denoised with neat video.


Live Concert Video

Monks of Doom- Cattle Club, Sacramento Ca. 8/25/90 xfer from master tape enhanced

btw, you can thank(or send hate mail to) Jim Rivas for all of these July/August 1990 posts. He asked for Rosebuds from Candlerock, and since I was poor back then I always used every inch of every tape. All of these videos were split across the rosebuds tape, or from another tape related to the rosebuds tape. Make sense? Well, it did to me.

Anyway, here is yet another Monks of Doom show. Man, they were prolific in SF/Sac in 1990. This one sounds pretty damned good for being shot from the stage at Cattle. This video was previously so dark it was unwatchable, it has now been brightened/denoised and came out pretty nice.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 & Sony ECM909 mic
Brightened/increased contrast/denoise with Adobe Premiere & Neat Video.

Live Concert Video

Monks of Doom- Pacific Coast Brewing Co, Oakland Ca. 8/4/90 Acoustic Xfer from Master

I have never posted this one because it was way too dark to even see what was going on. Now that I can brighten and increase exposure, you can kinda see. This was a much longer set. Since it was so dark, I shut my camera off 20min into the set. You can add this to the long list of taping regrets.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 & Sony ECM909 mic
Enhanced/noise reduction with Adobe Premiere & Neat Video

Live Concert Video