Uncle Tupelo- Mississippi Nights, St. Louis Mo 5/1/94 xfer from master tape + matrix Audio!

This one has a story behind it. I burned all of my vacation in April, following Pavement around california and Arizona. I then get the call from Tony M- Jay decided to leave Uncle Tupelo, and they were playing 4 final shows. I booked my flight for the final 2 shows over the weekend. In fact, I went to the last show, then took a redeye home (no sleep) and went to work the next day. Crazy. Anyway, it was all worth it. The video turned out great as did my DAT soundboard. Audio matrixed (SBD + Michael Pemberton’s audience tape) by KN, and put all together by Jesse Hamm.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Edited/Remixed By: Jesse Hamm

Additional help by: Michael Pemberton

Live Concert Video