The Bands that Stole X-Mas Out of Print CD: Christmas songs from local bands 1998

So the kids were demanding Christmas music in the car yesterday, so I put this on and made it about halfway through the second song before a bleeped out F word happened and I had to change it… but it made me wonder if this was on youtube yet. Nope. So here you go- all Sacramento bands doing either their own Christmas composition or a cover of a Christmas classic. I am tagging all of the band members who I am friends with- feel free to tag others.

1              –The Decibels    White Christmas               1:58

2              –Okra Pickles     Get Some Santa Claus     3:22

3              –Magnolia Thunderfinger             Deadbeat X-Mas              3:19

4              –The Brodys       Frosty The Snowman      2:22

5              –Hung (3)            T’was The Night Before Christmas             4:33

6              –Pocket Change (4)         Happy Christmas (War Is Over)  3:09

7              –Universal Groove          I Wanna Be A Reindeer  3:49

8              –Frank Jordan    Long Night          3:38

9              –Hurt (8)              The Grinch Who Stole Christmas               2:53

10           –Willknots           I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus             2:46

11           –Firepie               Christmas Folly  4:10

12           –Kozlo Swicky    Phil The Dentist 3:24

13           –Kaya    Silent Night         3:04

14           –Luckie Strike    My X-Mas           1:58

15           –Trunk  Blue Christmas  2:02

16           –Playground      Merry Christmas               1:51

17           –Solarface           Father Christmas              4:03

18           –Far       Do They Know It’s Christmas Featuring – Chino Moreno, Grady Avenell  4:54



Deftones- Press Club, Sacramento Ca 11/09/97

Filmed by Walker Edmondson

The Press Club
Sacramento, CA
September 11, 1997
“Around the Fur” North American promotional tour

00:05:00 – Soundcheck
00:06:20 – My Own Summer (Shove It) [soundcheck]
00:14:03 – Lotion [live debut of the studio version]
00:18:20 – My Own Summer (Shove It) [live debut]
00:22:34 – Root
00:26:15 – Nosebleed
00:31:05 – Bored
00:35:44 – Dai the Flu [live debut of the studio version]
00:41:10 – Headup [live debut]
00:45:05 – Fireal
00:52:55 – Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) [live debut]
00:58:05 – Tired of Sex [Weezer cover]
00:59:37 – Engine No. 9
01:04:38 – 7 Words [with Ice Cube’s “Wicked” tease]

Live Concert Video

Deftones- Sacto Active Rock community cable show 1992 Live in studio FULL SHOW xfer VHS Master Tape

We have been sitting on this one for a long time- many years- but thanks to Lizz Fisher, we can finally post this. Thanks as well to Romain Coquette, who helped gather permission from the band to post the one song that has since gone a bit viral.
This version is a higher quality transfer off of Lizz’ (the show’s host AND producer) personal tape. And with this, all of the Sacto Active rock shows have now been documented and released. All of them (and thousands more) are available on the website.

Recorded by: Lizz Fisher
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HRS9911U and Canopus ADVC300

Live Concert Video