Old 97s- Alice’s Now & Zen Fest, Sharon Meadow, Golden Gate Park, SF 9/26/99 DAT Sbd Master xfer

This was a crazy day. I left Sac early, met up with my friend Kirk and headed to GGP to see the Old 97s open(?) this show. Kirk taped from the audience and I gave a DAT to the soundman so he could run a board tape. Since this was a “big” show, I could not hang out in the soundbooth and watch my levels. When I checked the tape later, the levels were set way too high. I was able to work with it and rebalance and salvage it. The mix settles down at about 4min into the set, and the funky high end swirling sound never goes away- I think it was windy that day.
Then that night, we went to see the Ranchero Brothers and the 97s play a secret show at the Stork Club, where they played so many deep cuts. Best day ever.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: House deck or my Sony TCD-D7. Can’t remember
Transfer with Sony PCM-R500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card
Rebalance in Izotope RX8: Bass +5, Drums +3, Guitar +2.

Audio Live Concert

Mummydogs- Old Ironsides, Sacramento 9/22/99 xfer from DAT Master tape Thin White Rope Rebalanced

This was my first time seeing The Mummydogs- in fact, this might have been their first show. I recorded 4 of their shows over the span of 9 months, and then they were gone.
I was pretty excited to see Guy’s new band play and of course everything that could go wrong, went wrong with the recording. I used the Roland MX-5 battery powered mixer to remix the board levels live. I kept losing signal and I would plug channels in and out, trying to get them to work again. The original recording was a total mess, with channels dropping out and signal loss. I spent way too much time fixing this up and normalizing each song, so this is as good as it is going to get.
This one is for Onedin- he is a big fan and asked that I post them.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Roland MX-5 into soundboard, mix recorded onto Sony TCD-D7.
Transfer Equipment: Sony PCM-R 500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Card
Vol adjustments & channel/dropout fixes in Sony Soundforge 10
Rebalance in Izotope RX8: Vocal +5, Drums and Guitar +3

Audio Live Concert