Fairport Convention- Palms, Davis Ca. 3/18/98 2nd Set Xfer from DAT Soundboard Master Tape

Fairport came back to the Palms about 18 months later and they let me record again. When a big/legendary band lets you tape, there is a lot of pressure/stress to make sure you don’t screw anything up. I was plugged into the board and ready to record the show… and my DAT decides to die. It was working fine before! So, while Fairport played their first set, I was sweating and trying to get the damned recorder to work. There is an audience recording of that set if anyone wants to hear it. There was a guy from Auburn(I forget his name) who let me borrow a DAT to record the second set. Thank you, wherever you are now!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D7 DAT(I think)
Sound mixed by Laurence Herman

Audio Live Concert