Go Dog, Go!- KZAP Death Party, Cattle Club, Sacramento 3/17/92 xfer from DAT Sbd Master

Since I have been posting an endless stream of Uncle Tupelo stuff, I thought I’d take a break and get back to some Sacramento-based stuff.
When KZAP went off the air in 1992, The Cattle Club hosted a “death party” for the station, where many local bands played their favorite songs heard on KZAP. I had a limited amount of tape, but it looks like I got 6 bands from that night.
First off is Go Dog, Go! doing 2 songs. Why did they always open shows? They were pretty popular.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D3 plugged into soundboard.
Sound engineer: Eric Bianchi
Transfer with Sony PCMR500- Audiophile 2496 card.

Audio Live Concert

Go,Dog.Go!- Club Lingerie, Los Angeles Ca. 1991 Multicamera xfer from VHS Master

From Paul: Of all the clubs in LA we played, our weakest draw was at Club Lingerie on the Sunset strip. Naturally it was the only club that offered an in house recording of the show you performed, for more than nominal fee and it was delivered in almost lifelike VHS (the industry standard in 1991. The Audio was recorded directly from the board, hence the low guitar level. I did what I could to liven the sound quality.Club Linerie closed its doors in April 1995.

Live Concert Video