The Lemonheads- Slim’s, San Francisco Ca 11/30/07 Digital Master Clone DPA 4060 mics Descendents

It’s the most Mediocre of all mondays- the Monday after the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend, and boy do I have a mediocre gem for you today.
In case you didn’t know, Brian McKenna and Abstract Entertainment are bringing The Lemonheads to town tomorrow, and they are playing the “It’s a Shame About Ray” album in its entirety! Can’t miss show!!

If you haven’t heard about the legendary status of Evan Dando/Lemonheads performances, let me fill you in on a personal experience. Back in 2007, Anonymous and I went to Slim’s to see The Lemonheads tour their self-titled album (the red one released on Vagrant Records). Evan had Karl Alvarez and Bill Stevenson as his rhythm section- I was looking forward to this one.
The show starts out a bit sloppy, and then Evan speaks after a couple of songs and he is not speaking very coherently. I could have sworn that I saw Karl and Bill exchange “oh shit” glances at each other. They play for an hour and he stats getting heckled toward the end of the show and he starts getting into it with a couple members of the crowd. I remember him standing at edge of the stage, middle fingers up, telling these hecklers “Fck youuuu”, but most people have no idea what is happening with them, so the crowd thinks they are being told off. The recording is a bit muddy/bassy because that is how Slim’s was.

We heard after the fact that Evan had a long flight and no sleep which contributed to this.
I know I am REALLY selling this show tomorrow (Sorry Brian), but for me I would rather experience something memorable than someone playing a boring set, sounding exactly like the LP every night. I go out of my way to see Evan every time I can. You should come on out.

Recorded by: Anonymous
Equipment used: DPA4060 Mics, MMA6000 Preamp, Sony M10

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