Kreator- Hard Rock Live, Wheatland Ca. 10/30/22 4k UHD Full Show open for Mercyful Fate

Kreator opened up the Mercyful Fate show with a ripping set. I have not followed them closely since the 80s, but it was an impressive set. They closed the show with 2 I knew- Pleasure to Kill and Flag of Hate.
Again, the audio is only OK due to a low battery in my DPA audio preamp. D’oh, live and learn.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Panasonic Lumix ZS-200
Enhanced (denoise) with Adobe Premiere/Neat Video

Live Concert Video

The Vacant- Cafe Colonial, Sacramento Charlie Stratford Benefit Memorial 10/21/22 Multitrack sbd

I want to thank Jakobe Ares Moreno for sending across these multitrack stubs- we were expecting The Deathryders’ set to synch with video, but the file had the entire show! Thank to Matt from the Cafe for getting this all recorded for us.
Here is The Vacant’s set- Charlie was the drummer for the band until he passed away, so Roger and band performed with no drummer. Short set, but the best quality Vacant recording I have heard.
Flyer/poster by Paul Imagine. This was the uncolored draft, I’ll use the final version for the rest of the posts.
If you would like to contribute to Charlie’s gofundme for final expenses, I will add the link in facebook commments.

Recorded by: Matt from the cafe
Mix by Anonymous- thanks Anonymous!

Audio Live Concert

Deathryders- Cafe Colonial, Sacramento Ca. 10/21/22 4k UHD Tales of Terror set Charlie Stratford Mem

So much to say about this one. I hung out with so many old friends at the show that I only ended up video’ing the Deathryders set. There were a ton (6 or 7) of bands there and the cafe was packed. It was really nice to see everyone show up for the memorial. Pat Stratford was even there, glad to see him out for this.
Deathryders are Dustin Stratford (Charlie’s son), Jakobe Ares (playing Lyon Wong’s guitar), Brian Hanover, Charles Albright playing a set of mostly Tales of Terror songs. I did not catch the bass player’s name.

So why, you ask, did I decide to post this on Mediocre Monday? Well, 2 reasons. First, I had my laptop with me so I could record a multitrack off the soundboard but Matt was super busy so I decided to rely on the Rode mic instead for audio… and then something went wrong with the mic. I dropped it right before the set, but I have beat the hell out of that thing and it always worked fine. I think I finally killed it.
Anyway, sorry. Maybe they will do another show so I can make up for this. If anyone has decent audio for the full set, please let me know.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG60 and (apparently broken) rode videomic pro stereo

Live Concert Video

Fastcase- Harlow’s, Sacramento Ca. 10/3/22 4K video with Soundboard audio Hardcore

I went to the show on Monday night and did a 5 camera multicam of all the bands.. except fastcase. I thought there were 5 bands on the bill and I did not have enough battery to do 5 bands, and I had assumed Soul Glo were going to play at least an hour… nope. Only 4 bands and they played a total of 90 minutes! That’s an efficient show.
So what I am trying to say is that I could have done a multicam of fastcase but miscalculated in many ways. Sorry.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HF G60 and Sony PCM-M10 through soundboard
Soundboard Rebalance in Izotope Rx8 (bass +5, Guitar +10!)
Audio Video synch in pluraleyes 4

Live Concert Video

Medicine- Los Angeles Area, mid-1990’s xfer from Hi8 Master Tape Enhanced

I checked with Steve on this one and we can’t figure out what the venue is. The only venue showing in the mid-90s on is The Roxy, but I don’t recall The Roxy having a balcony like that. Maybe the Whiskey?

Recorded by: Steve Rogers
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony DCR-TRV340
Enhanced (degrain) in Adobe Premiere Elements

Live Concert Video