Mercyful Fate- Hard Rock Live, Wheatland Ca. 10/30/22 4k UHD Full Show King Diamond

This one hurts. This was such a great show, and I put a lot of effort into bringing my good audio gear in to get a decent (DPA 4061 mics) quality audio recording to match up to this. I get home to listen to the audio and it is distorted. The battery in the preamp was low. Damnit, I have been having terrible luck with audio lately. If anyone has a line on audio, let me know. Nothing through the network of usual suspects or on DIME.
Anyway, the audio on this is fairly clear but lacks punch/low end. I did my best filming, but there were a LOT of phones/hands/ etc in the air. So, if you are wondering why I am focusing on someone other than Hank Sherman when he is playing a lead, it’s because there was a hand, beer or phone in the way. Such is life.
Nice seeing so many old and new friends. I’ll try to list everyone I saw/hung out with.
PS: I have never seen so many happy middle aged dudes singing about satan, in my life.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment: Panasonic Lumiz ZS200
Enhanced (degrain) in adobe premeire elements

Live Concert Video

Fear Gods. – Bowery Electric, New York City 11/4/22 4K UHD Single Cam Version Jack Adrenalin OD

I was organizing the 1TB worth of footage that I shot from last weekend and this one angle turned out good enough to post right away. This is Jack Steeples from AOD’s new band which includes members of Ruth Ruth, Headwound, Blisters and more. Give them a listen- they are very good. I shot 5 angles (this is one of them) and recorded 3 high quality audio sources (this is not one of them), so a full edit is coming someday.
Since I was orchestrating 7 different recording machines, it took me a couple minutes to adjust levels on this one. It gets better after about 3min.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment: Canon HF G60 and Stock Mic

Live Concert Video