This one hurts. This was such a great show, and I put a lot of effort into bringing my good audio gear in to get a decent (DPA 4061 mics) quality audio recording to match up to this. I get home to listen to the audio and it is distorted. The battery in the preamp was low. Damnit, I have been having terrible luck with audio lately. If anyone has a line on audio, let me know. Nothing through the network of usual suspects or on DIME.
Anyway, the audio on this is fairly clear but lacks punch/low end. I did my best filming, but there were a LOT of phones/hands/ etc in the air. So, if you are wondering why I am focusing on someone other than Hank Sherman when he is playing a lead, it’s because there was a hand, beer or phone in the way. Such is life.
Nice seeing so many old and new friends. I’ll try to list everyone I saw/hung out with.
PS: I have never seen so many happy middle aged dudes singing about satan, in my life.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment: Panasonic Lumiz ZS200
Enhanced (degrain) in adobe premeire elements

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