Moist- Cattle Club, Sacramento Ca 8/1/93 Mark Murray Master Sacramento Punk

OK, everyone who responded to my facebook post wants more local bands. I encourage you to check out Jim Mclain’s youtube channel- he has been documenting MORE local stuff than I have since about 2000. This video comes courtesy of Mark Murray- thanks Mark for digging this out of the garage and transferring it for everyone to see! Here’s Moist at Cattle in 1993!

Recorded by: Mark Murray


Live Concert Video

Moist- Sacto Active Rock Community Cable Show- Episode #26 1993 The Skirts

Thanks to a kind benefactor, we now have transfers of about 30 “Sacto Active Rock” episodes straight from the VHS masters that were taped off of cable. I will post these as time allows. Here’s a band that I wish I had seen, but was never able to. Moist was Sunita, Karen and Wendy’s band prior to The Skirts. In fact, you can hear some early Skirts songs/riffs in some of their catalog! SO Awesome to be able to see them.

Live Concert Video