Concerned Children Rebel (C.C.R.)- Club Can’t Tell, Sacramento Ca. 4/25/87 xfer from master VHS

Alright, here is something I wasn’t expecting to post today. I had to sign a form this morning and I noticed that today was 4/25, which is the 35 year anniversary of our old punk band’s last show ever. The band featured John Conley and Mike Yoas on guitars (now in Desario), bass player Travis (none of us can remember his last name), and Scott Oakes(R.I.P.) on drums. Oh, and me being a huge doofus on vocals.
As you can see, we were opening for Sentinel Beast at Club Can’t Tell. We were clearly not a good fit for the show. We got this show because I heard from friends that a band dropped off the bill and they needed a band with a couple days notice. I proceeded to bug the living hell out of Stewart Katz, calling him repeatedly and asking for my band to open the show. He finally tells me “if you promise to never call me again about a show, you can play”. I was all like, “hell yeah, sold!”. Since this ended up being our last show ever, it was a good deal.
A few highlights: me freaking out at the beginning because there was nothing coming out of the monitors when we started our first song. My trying a burlesque kick at the 21:00 mark and almost falling down. Me taking a vote from the audience at 10:40 if they want to hear a song, and everyone cheers for “no”, but we played it anyway. And finally, I can’t find the timestamp, but I tried to be cool and jump off the staircase onto the stage at the start of a song, but get scared as I jump, grab the stair railing, and dumbly float down to the stage.
Anyway, watch it quickly before the rest of the guys yell at me and tell me to pull it down.

Recorded by: ? (Some random dude I paid $20 to film- if the filmer is reading this, please email me at
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Can’t remember, but probably the JVC HR-S9911 and Canopus ADVC300

Live Concert Video