This site is a team effort between many long-time Sacramento music archivists:

Shayne Stacy:


Shayne has been taping concerts since 1985. (1984 if you count that ill-fated Motley Crue instore). Shayne is the original Cattle Club video guy (Nirvana, Mudhoney, Primus, Firehose, Posies, DOA, NOMEANSNO and a LOT more). He is also one of the original Gilman St. filmers, and filmed the earliest known Green Day video… in Davis. He was one of the first Northern California DAT tapers (June ’91). He has taped 100’s(1000’s?) of shows since the 1980s. Shayne also lived in L.A. for a while and has traveled for many shows… so you may see some of his postings from out of town bands.

Charles Albright:


Charles is the youngster among the group of contributors- he’s the only guy under 40 years old here! Charles runs Sacramento Records, and has played in more bands that I can list here (RAD, Charles Albright Band, Rock the Light, and more). Charles has a vast collection of Sacramento based music. He also used to record concerts in the late 90’s/early 00’s.

Ken Doose:


Ken is the OG punk & metal collector in Sacramento, starting in 1983. His punk & metal flyer collection is Sac’s most comprehensive. He also has one of the largest collections of demos from local punk & metal bands. He’s the main man behind Bat Guano Productions (CD Label) and the annual Bat Guano Fest.

Jim Mclain:


If you are in the local music scene, you know Jim. He has been taping shows relentlessly since the late 1990’s and has the largest archive of local live recordings in Sacramento. He is also the man who painstakingly edited Shayne’s & Jerry Perry’s Cattle Club video footage into the multicamera shows you can find online today. He continues to film bands multiple times per week here in Sacramento. Jim is truly a Sacramento Treasure.

Craig (Lee Osh):


Craig is the master of all things Sacramento Punk- he runs the Sacramento Punk Shows facebook site, the Sacramento Punk Shows calendar and the Sacramento Punk Shows youtube channel. He is the glue to our scene, keeping everyone informed of all upcoming shows. His Youtube channel keeps everyone educated on (mostly) local bands past and present. His interests include grindcore shows, basement gigs, and Miley Cyrus.

Zoran Theodorovic:


Zoran is probably the most well-known of the group. He has been the host of Sacramento Cable’s “Capital Chaos” show since 1998, and is the Grand Poobah of all things Metal in the Sacramento scene. This guy goes to more metal shows than I thought was possible. He produces his own TV show, promotes shows locally, and STILL gets out to a few shows a week. I want whatever he’s drinking!


No, I’m not talking about the online activists. This guy (who prefers not to be named) has been taping shows since 1986. He started in the scary gang-infested punk clubs of L.A. (Fender’s, Olympic Aud, etc) and has graduated to music that’s usually less punk.  He moved to Sacramento in 1987, and has been my (Shayne’s) best friend for about 30 years. He still does a lot of audio taping in the area. The celebrity he most resembles is Chuck Norris, so here is a pic of Chuck for you:


Just put mics in place of the guns and Shazam! You have anonymous.