Lydia Loveless- Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco Ca. 4/25/15 Multicam with Matrixed audio!

Lydia put on a super long set with some amazing covers at the end. Recorded with 1 HFG10 & 1 HFG30. Audio is a matrix ofsbd/schoeps MKIV audience. Thanks to Mike Mayer for the sbd, Jason Ellis for the Schoeps Recording and the matrix work, and Agelos for the editing job.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: HFG10, HFG30, Schoeps MKIV, SBD

Edited/Remixed By: Agelos

Additional help by: Mike Mayer, Jason Ellis

Live Concert Video

Knockoffs- Blue Lamp, Sacramento Ca. 4/22/15 Multicam with Rode Audio!

Hi, Everyone is at the big Secretions show and I’m home, celebrating my son’s 1st birthday. He is taking a walk, so I had time to upload a video. I have not been posting much lately, as I have been moving the music archive into a shed in the backyard. Pics will follow, as soon as it is cleaned up and organized! Anyway, this is a killer knockoffs show, opening a show at the blue lamp. I cannot remember who headlined this one. The audio turned out great for it being just an audience mic. Filmed with 2 canon HFG10 and 1 Canon HFG30 w/rode video pro stereo mic.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Canon HFG10, Canon HFG30, Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic


Live Concert Video

The SPA -The Make Out Room, San Francisco Ca. 4/6/15

Recorded in San Francisco at The Make Out Room on April 6, 2015.


released April 24, 2015

Captured by Lob Instagon 4/6/2015 at Make Out Room, San Francisco,CA
Produced, edited, and mastered by Lob at home in Foothill Farms
posted with permission from The SPA
cover art designed by Lob,
original photo taken at the show by Harrison DeSantis
all songs by DeSantis/Horn/Merlino
all rights to these songs belong to The SPA. ..I only recorded them.

The SPA are
Addison DeSantis-guitar
Gabe Horn-drums

Audio Live Concert