Old 97s- KTCK-AM, Dallas Tx 6/27/00 xfer from 1st gen audio cassette 97’s alt.country

Here is a crazy one- Old 97s make an appearance on a sports talk radio station. The radio hosts clearly are not accustomed to hosting musicians, or maybe their demeanor is always this abrasive.. but it is an entertaining listen.
Interview and 3 songs in studio: Lonely Holiday, Jagged and Crash on the Barrelhead.

recorded by: Riley?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Performance

Barbara Manning and the Go-Luckys- KDVS in Studio DJs, Davis Ca 6/24/00 xfer from pre-fm master tape

Here’s a fun one for today- before the US tour that Barbara did with the Go-Luckys (that I booked!), we were able to get them on KDVS for a guest DJ spot the year before. They talk about their new album, 28th Day, the Press Club show that night (that is on this channel/website- Barbara gets electrocuted!). They go on to play their favorite bands and play songs from a bunch of albums. It’s a really fun listen.

Side note- nerd talk alert- today is a good day. A couple months back, Youtube stopped uploading my audio AVI’s. It would just bonk when it tried to process the .avi. So, instead of me using the EASY virtualdub workflow (2min of processing time), I had to use Vegas Pro which would take up to 2 HOURS and hog up my system’s time to do other stuff. Well, I decided to give virtualdub another try today, and Youtube must have fixed their issue. Thank goodness, that Vegas method was a huge pain in the ass. I’ll be able to get more stuff done now in my hour each day reserved for this.

Recorded by: KDVS DJ
CD rip and track merge/normalize in Sony Soundforge 10 by Shayne


Barbara Manning- Press Club, Sacramento 6/24/00 Live Soundboard Roland MX5 Mix RIP Lane Campbell

This is going to be long. The mix gets better at about 17:00.

I had transferred this DAT a few months ago and was planning to post it for a couple of friends who I know are big fans- Lane Campbell being one of them… but I wasn’t totally happy with the mix. Lane had been missing for a week from the Chicago area, and they found his body yesterday. I never met Lane, but he was the heart and soul of the Postcardfromhell email list that I have been part of for the past 20 years. He had a rough presence on the internet but he was always super cool to me(possibly because of our mutual love of Barbara Manning’s music)… and I have been told that in person, he was a totally different person than his online persona. He was a person who didn’t forget a name or face, and brought people together. I’m sorry that I did not get to meet him. I wish I got this posted for him a couple months back- he would have gotten a kick out of it.
This recording was made in the era when I would go to the club and use a battery-powered 4 channel mixer to tap into, then boost the levels of the soundboard, live. I would have these HUGE Nova Pro headphones on my head inside the club or on the sidewalk, trying to hear the mix as I went. Apparently, I was having some difficulty with the setup. You can hear the raw mix at the start (all vocals), then I dink around with it forever (found the drums a few minutes in) to get it right. I finally get it dialed at about 17:00 in… then I lose the guitars for the encore. No idea why.
This show is memorable because it was one of the first shows in the USA with her new band, the Go-Luckys… which is my favorite incarnation next to the SF Seals. She also gets totally zapped/electrocuted by the mic about halfway through the set, which sent her stumbling to the back wall of the stage. It was a scary moment.
Anyway, raise a glass for Lane. I might just go on a Barbara Manning bender over here and post stuff for a week or so.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D7 and Roland MX-5 Mixer
Transfer equipment: Sony PCM-R500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Concert

Mummydogs- Old Ironsides, Sacramento 6/23/00 Master Soundboard Thin White Rope

Back in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, I adopted a peer’s method of mixing shows live. I bought a roland MX-5 battery powered mixer and had some custom cables made that tapped into the soundboard signals for each channel. I would then put on these HUGE headphones to listen to the mix either inside the club, or outside on the sidewalk in the case of Old I and Press Club. What a nerd. Anyway, I was lucky enough to see/mix The Mummydogs 4 times. The Mummydogs are Guy Kyser from Thin White Rope. Johanna Kyser from Porchupines, Paul Takushi from Chance the Gardener, and long time friend Cary Rodda. With this one, I used the raw soundboard feed and used the mixer to boost guitar, bass and keyboards. So I had no control over that bass drum clipping (which drives me insane). I hope you can still enjoy it- they do a TWR song in this set.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy


Audio Live Concert

Slobberbone- Beverungen, Germany 6/11/00 DAT to CDR to you. R.I.P. Jan De Bever

Before the internet and youtube changed everything, people who taped shows would network together and mail tapes and CDRs of live concerts to each other. In the mid 90s, I was trading with about 50 people. It was crazy. I went from 1200 cassettes in 1988, to 4,000 cassettes in 1995 and then moved to DAT, CDR and DVD trading.
When you would send something off, you would typically write a letter with tape details, tape requests in return, and any personal stuff that’s happening. You would become friends with people that you traded with over time. I can’t remember how I started trading with Jan- it was in the late 90s or early 2000 and we bonded over love of the alt country band Slobberbone. He was based in Holland, and he (along with his friend Michiel) would follow the band around to multiple countries to tape the band. He taped at least 9 Slobberbone shows in June of 2000 alone!
We just learned that Jan de Bever passed last summer. Thanks to Jan the Lazyman for letting me know. Pretty bummed out about this.

Recorded by: Jan De Bever and Michiel
Equipment used: Microtech Geffel M300 — Deneske PS1 — Zefiro Inbox — Sony D8

Audio Live Concert