Mothball Fleet- 6th Annual Davis Musicians Co-op, Vets Aud 1996

This one was a surprise- it is not labeled on the tape. I am a huge Thin White Rope fan, so I was happy to see this surface. Thanks to Brian Grattidge for confirming that they did play the show. Thanks also to Rusi Gustafson who fills us in: “This one-shot amalgamation of Acme and Curbfeelers members played completely improvised music on the side of the stage in between the other bands’ sets. We called ourselves Mothball Fleet. I don’t see Dave Thompson, but I’m pretty sure he was there too”


Additional help by: Brian Grattidge, Rusi Gustafson

Live Concert Video

99 Tales- 6th Annual Davis Muscians Co-Op, Vets Mem Aud, Davis 1996

OK, I figured out the Jem & Scout/99 Tales thing from yesterday’s post. The Jem & Scout is only about 12min long, so I will keep that post as is, since it has all the J&S filmed. 99 tales were filmed in 2 different sections- it looks like they played 2 sets. I put them both together and posted them here for your convenience. 🙂 Thanks to Jerry Drawhorn and Robert Toren. ONe last thing- year has been confirmed to 1996 & venue is the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in Davis.

Recorded by: Jerry Drawhorn, Robert Toren


Live Concert Video

Playground- 6th Annual Davis Muscians Co-Op, Vets Mem Aud, Davis 1996

Here is Playground’s set from the Davis co-op. Jerry Drawhorn filmed this (thanks Jerry) and made short clips of a few songs by each band. This is all of Playground’s set that was filmed. I was not in Sacramento when these guys were active, so I am so thankful that this footage exists! Thanks Jerry and Robert Toren

Recorded by: Jerry Drawhorn


Live Concert Video