Camper Van Beethoven- Mississippi Nights, St. Louis Mo. 11/5/87 xfer f/master off Studio 1/4″

The other concert on that Fishbone tape was this classic show by Camper Van Beethoven. Camper(along with R.E.M.) was my favorite band in the world at the time. All of us CVB fans/traders were thrilled to get such a nice quality video… and a killer performance as well. I love Jonathan’s violin sound on this one.

This came from KDHX directly- this is a VHS tape right off of their 1/4″ master tape. Huge thanks to Jim Utz & Dede Schofield for giving these to me 20ish(30?) years ago.

Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HR-S9911 w/TBD– Canopus ADVC300– Sony Vegas Pro 10.

Live Concert Video