Gravelgut- 1980s demos Sacramento Thrash Metal Punk R.I.P. Chris White

I found out today that an old friend/acquaintance from the “old days” passed away recently. Chris was in our Roseville/Rockin metal/punk scene in the 1980s and he was lead singer/guitarist of the band Gravelgut. I went to school with drummer Troy Tausch and knew the guys well. I As a tribute, I thought I’d post the one of the only recordings that I have of the band. These demos are pretty damned good, listening after 30 years. Nice job Chris, Dustin and Troy. Sorry to friends and family for your loss. I can also upload a pretty poor sounding recording of the Jones Hall show in 1986, opening for Exodus if you’d like.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy



Nebulous Stucco Thing compilation, Sacramento Mid-80s

The ‘Nebulous Stucco Thing’ was an early experimental spoken word performance ensemble featuring Arthur Butler, Dave White, Gene Avery, B. L. Kennedy, Charlie Aiken, Harrison Thomas and Steve Vanoni. They had one cassette release ”Losing it Big at Carnagie Hall,” 1985? and performed around various venues in Sacramento from 1983 – 1987… other peripheral poets who performed were Victor Wong, Ted Finn, D.R. Wagner, Pat Grizzell and perhaps Scott Soriano…..Video by Steve Vanoni

Live Concert Video

The Dickies- Live 1985 Flipside Video no. 6 xfer from VHS Master Enhanced Punk

I have had this one uploaded on YT for about 6 weeks, hoping to figure out what the venue/exact date is. I have had no luck. All references to Flipside Video #6 just says “Live 1985”. If anyone has any detail about the show, let me know.

Recorded by: Flipside
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: JVC HRS9800 and Canopus ADVC300
Enhanced (denoise) with Neat Video/Adobe Premiere

Live Concert Video