Exodus- Aftershock Festival, Discovery Park, Sacramento 10/7/21 enhanced DPA Audio Live 4k Thrash

I didn’t think that this one was going to be ready today, but YT flipped it over to 4k right before lunch.
When the sun started to set, the lighting at the dreaded Coors Light stage wasn’t quite enough to keep my camera’s focus from freaking out. It’s not totally awful, but it’s noticeable to me. This video is actually brighter than it was that day- I had to crank up the brightness 65% in adobe premiere to get it to look like this. The audio sounds great- the closer you get to the line array (PA) with the DPAs, the better the result.
My battery conked out at about 30min. I was going to do the battery swap, but it was super packed and if I dropped a battery I would be screwed… so I packed it in and headed over to the Kolas stage for Anthrax.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Panasonic Lumix ZS70 (video); Sony PCM-A10, DPA 4061 mics, Church Audio preamp.
Enhanced (brightness, denoise) in Adobe Premiere Elements and Neat Video
Audio/Video synch via Plural Eyes 4

Live Concert Video

Exodus- Jones Hall, Roseville Ca. 5/3/86 xfer from master audio cassette

This was a memorable show. Anthrax cancelled and Exodus played an extra-long set as the headliner, which was awesome! When they played these long sets in early 86, they sometimes whip out some of the pre-LP stuff (like Hell’s Breath). I was managing one of the opening bands at the time- Rigor Mortis. Matt Polish went up and started to taunt the audience, and I remember a huge wave of people running up to the stage wanting a piece of Matt.

Recorded by: Mark Martin

Equipment Used: Consumer Panasonic Recorder

Audio Live Concert