Old 97s- Austin City Limits TV Show 1/26/98 COMPLETE UNAIRED FULL SHOW xfer f/ 1st gen VHS Live 97’s

My daily post is super late, but it is a really cool one. I got this from someone at the label, but I can’t remember who… on a VHS tape in 6 hour mode! D’oh. Oh well, it still looks good. This is the complete 1 hour set that was performed live in studio- about half of this was never broadcast, and a quick search shows it was never released on DVD or posted to YT.
It’s awesome that the band is still together today and releasing quality material, but this is their best era, in my opinion.

Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment: JVC HRS9800 and Canopus ADVC300

Live Performance Video

Cactus Liquors- Better Than a Shaved Dog Demo Tape Audio Only Tales of Terror

Hi, This is another request from Andy Andersen. We were talking about Tales of Terror and I mentioned Cactus Liquors, which featured at least 1 member of ToT in the band. Here’s the info: Members: Derek (Chode) Lively, vocals Mike Hunter, guitar Dusty Coffin, bass Bob Stubbs, drums Terry Bohm replaced Dusty on bass (info courtesy the excellent Nokilli website) Tracks: Glenn Paint the Porch Cactus Mess Cold Day Gonna Die 69 Merc Transfer from 1st gen cassette done with nakamichi dragon – EMU 1212m audio card.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Nakamichi Dragon, EMU 1212m Audio Card


Audio Live Concert

Deathray- Poprockit Demo 1998? former Cake and LGS Band Members Sacramento

One of my hobbies is hitting up garage/estate sales and picking up media & vintage electronics. I went to this one place in Orangevale and they handed me a big paper handle bag and told me to fill it up for $5. I went over to the CD’s, cassettes and VHS tapes and grabbed all of them (about 50) without really looking. I got some serious cheez (Yanni cassette, angela landsbury workout VHS) but I also got an einsturzende neubauten tape, a green day dookie promo tape, and this one. I was floored when I pulled this out of the bag. It makes me wonder- was this person a easy listening fan, and they also loved EN & Deathray? Maybe it was one of the grandkids’ tapes. Who knows.

Anyway, 4 of these 6 songs made the 1st album on Capricorm. 2 of them are on the Poprockit 7″ from 1998 (I believe that is Kevin Seconds’ label). 2 are unreleased.

Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon/Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Demo

Magnolia Thunderfinger- The Nevada Club, Grass Valley Ca. 1998? xfer from low gen VHS tape

Here’s the final incomplete Magnolia Thunderfinger show from that VHS tape I got a while back. This one is from a venue I had not hear of before- Nevada Club in Grass Valley. It took me some time to research where this place was!

Recorded by: “I’m pretty sure some dude named Willie filmed this. He followed us around for a few years…filmed a ton of gigs…then just disappeared.” There is a phone number written on the inside of the tape case. I just called it. Nope. Disconnected

Live Concert Video