Cactus Liquors- Better Than a Shaved Dog Demo Tape Audio Only Tales of Terror

Hi, This is another request from Andy Andersen. We were talking about Tales of Terror and I mentioned Cactus Liquors, which featured at least 1 member of ToT in the band. Here’s the info: Members: Derek (Chode) Lively, vocals Mike Hunter, guitar Dusty Coffin, bass Bob Stubbs, drums Terry Bohm replaced Dusty on bass (info courtesy the excellent Nokilli website) Tracks: Glenn Paint the Porch Cactus Mess Cold Day Gonna Die 69 Merc Transfer from 1st gen cassette done with nakamichi dragon – EMU 1212m audio card.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Nakamichi Dragon, EMU 1212m Audio Card


Audio Live Concert

Magnolia Thunderfinger- The Nevada Club, Grass Valley Ca. 1998? xfer from low gen VHS tape

Here’s the final incomplete Magnolia Thunderfinger show from that VHS tape I got a while back. This one is from a venue I had not hear of before- Nevada Club in Grass Valley. It took me some time to research where this place was!

Recorded by: “I’m pretty sure some dude named Willie filmed this. He followed us around for a few years…filmed a ton of gigs…then just disappeared.” There is a phone number written on the inside of the tape case. I just called it. Nope. Disconnected

Live Concert Video