Built To Spill- Harlow’s, Sacramento CA 4/26/13 Full Set

Built to Spill – :35,

Stab – 7:47,

Reasons – 14:03,

Strange – 19:15,

Revolution – 28:07,

You Were Right – 34:05,

Sidewalk – 40:50,

Kicked it in the Sun – 45:38,

Wherever You Go – 54:02,

Orion (Metallica cover) – 1:01:00,

Planting Seeds – 1:04:42,

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss – 1:11:35,

Carry The Zero – 1:14:48,

Don’t Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult cover) – 1:25:02,

Big Dipper – 1:30:37,

Age of Consent (New Order cover) – 1:36:47

Recorded by: Jim McLain

Live Concert Video

Soul Asylum- Ace of Spades, Sacramento Ca. 4/6/13 Master audience recording DPA 4061 Mics Live

I usually post 1 new to youtube thing per day and I don’t pay much attention to that “on this day” type of thing.. but this show came up in my facebook memories and I thought what the hell.
Man, was this show depressing. I think there were probably about 50-100 people in the 600-capacity club. I even got a cheap discounted ticket from the local arts and entertainment paper hereā€¦ so they couldn’t even give tickets away. Sad.
On the bright side, the show sounds great. No audience means no annoying audience noise, plus I was able to stroll around and find the acoustic sweet spot. It starts sounding really nice about 20min in. I missed part of the first song of the set- I got in the door right when they started playing, so I had to scramble to get mics set up in a couple minutes.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony PCM-M10 and DPA 4061 mics

Audio Live Concert