Redrum- Rehearsal Demo 1984 Audio Only Sentinel Beast

Man, thanks to Mike Parisi for bringing this one over. This is the earliest known recording of Redrum: Members: Carlos Yniguez- Vocals Greg Williams- Guitar Mike Caboy- Bass Scott Capizzano- Drums This was recorded because Greg was leaving Redrum to join a band named Sentinel Beast. They were trying to recruit Mike Farrell to take Greg’s place on guitar, so they made these recordings to influence him to join. These are quite a bit different than the thrash redrum songs we know. More street metal than thrash, and they are GREAT. Tracks: 1. Do or Die 2. Fight for Your Life (later performed by Sentinel Beast) 3. Tonight (later performed by Sentinel Beast) 4. Death in Disneyland (later performed by the new Redrum) 5. Unknown (use it or lose it?) 6. Money Talks 7. Heart Attack Woman 8. Unknown

Recorded by: Mike Parisi


Audio Live Concert