Redrum- Rehearsal Demo 1984 Audio Only Sentinel Beast

Man, thanks to Mike Parisi for bringing this one over. This is the earliest known recording of Redrum: Members: Carlos Yniguez- Vocals Greg Williams- Guitar Mike Caboy- Bass Scott Capizzano- Drums This was recorded because Greg was leaving Redrum to join a band named Sentinel Beast. They were trying to recruit Mike Farrell to take Greg’s place on guitar, so they made these recordings to influence him to join. These are quite a bit different than the thrash redrum songs we know. More street metal than thrash, and they are GREAT. Tracks: 1. Do or Die 2. Fight for Your Life (later performed by Sentinel Beast) 3. Tonight (later performed by Sentinel Beast) 4. Death in Disneyland (later performed by the new Redrum) 5. Unknown (use it or lose it?) 6. Money Talks 7. Heart Attack Woman 8. Unknown

Recorded by: Mike Parisi


Audio Live Concert

Metallica- KUSF Rampage Radio 1984 Andy Andersen interviews Lars, who is impersonating Kerry King

Whew, that was a mouthful of a title, but the description is exactly what this is. It one comes from the Wayne Vanderkuil archive and is cringeworthy but hilarious. “Why do you wear so many nails- are you in construction or something?” I miss Andy’s one-liners.
There is a second segment where Lars impersonates Appolonia- this one was kinda lost on me since I don’t know the reference. I assume it is Apollonia Kotero?
Anyway, listen to this one quick- I would not be surprised if Andy, Harald, Ron or any of the other KUSF regulars want this pulled down. I personally think this is AWESOME. One of the best parodies of Slayer that I have ever heard.

Recorded by: ?. From Wayne Vanderkuil’s archive.
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Performance

KPFA Maximumrocknroll broadcast from 1980s

Thanks to Chris Macias for uploading this one!

Growing up in #Sacramento during the 1980s, if the conditions were just right, you could get KPFA 94.1 from Berkeley on your radio.

The signal might be kind of janky, but it doesn’t matter. You hit “record” on the cassette player and let it roll on the Maximumrocknroll show.

All these years later, it’s a blast of NorCal punk/hardcore that still hits like the Reagan Years all over again


Recorded by: Chris Macias

Fun fact: When I was helping Radley (original Gilman soundman & MRR Radio assistant) sell some stuff on ebay, he gave me 2 really cool things: The original P.A. from gilman, from the 80s, and the Ampex tape box that held MRR Radio show #1 on cassette. It would be recorded locally, then sent to a tape duplicator, then cassettes were sent to the radio stations for syndication.


Bodily Harm- Under the Darkness demo 1984? xfer from master demo tape Roseville High School Metal

Here’s a fun one. This is the first demo I ever bought, I think. All members of this band plus the recording engineer went to Roseville High School at the same time as me. Shane Maes (drummer) went on to play in Emerald City in the late 80s/90s. Cover artist Chris Devine continued as an artist and won awards recently for either video game design or movies. I can’t recall.
Anyway, a fun one for anyone who was at RHS at the time.
Yes, I really do hold on to everything.

Recorded by: Pat Short
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Demo

RKL- Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco Ca 1984 xfer from band archive master cassette R.K.L. Live

Here is another amazing artifact from Barry Ward’s cassette collection. This is the earliest RKL show I have ever heard, and apparently it is the earliest show on the internet as well. They talk about their upcoming 7″ release of It’s a Beautiful Feeling!
This one was pretty raw but clean enough for me to remix it a bit. It was light on guitar and very harsh with the high end so I did what I could to fix that up. Thanks Barry!

Recorded by: Barry Ward
Equipment used: Sony Walkman recorder
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card
Rebalance in Izotope RX8: Bass +1, Guitar +4
EQ in Sony Soundforge: Boost lows and drop the highs by about 2db each
Nice Recreation Artwork of the Mab sign by Eric Yee

Audio Live Concert

Warlord- Bella Vista High School “Battle of the Airbands” 1984 Anal Babies After Dark Club Black & White

So I’ve been doing my best to keep things light during our current bleak situation, and this definitely fits the bill. Here are some future local musicians who participated in Bella Vista High School’s “Battle of the Airbands” in 1984. They are the first band on the video, starting at about 2:00 with a rousing air cover of the crue’s red hot.
Band members are:
Greg Johnson (Decay), who went on the be in the Anal Babies and After Dark Club
Pat Camarillo (aka PJ Carelli when he was in hair metal outfit Black & White)
Lance Keylon & Kevin Howe.. who did not go onto a career as a famous hair metaller.

Live Concert Video