MDL- Demo 2018 M.D.L. Mental Defective League Ground Chuck Audio

I saw Ground Chuck giving away CD’s at the colonial cafe one night, so I asked for one. It happened to be the MDL demo. Thanks Chuck! I also asked if I could post it to the archive and he said something unintelligible back to me, but I think I heard “don’t care” in there somewhere. I worry because the MDL FB site (which has been dormant for months) said something about a new album being done.. so if the band wants it pulled down to sell somewhere, let me know.

Band Members:
Ground chuck: singer
Ben: drums
Mike: guitars
Jeff: bass guitar

Audio Demo

Crude Studs- Self Titled Cassette Album/Demo 2017 xfer from master cassette

Big thanks to Dal at Phono Select for giving me this tape to post- he might have more for sale at the shop. You should go shop there- best record store around!
I wanted to get this posted in honor of Bobby Khan. I was not close friends with him, but he was always super cool to me. He was always up for talking about the old Clear & Distinct metal shows. It’s still shocking that he is gone- I never knew he had any health issues. Be nice, you never know what people are dealing with.

Recorded by: Patrick Hills
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Demo

Sacramento Punk Exhibit- Sac Library April 2017 Video Tour

I never intended to post this, but it turned out pretty cool and Brian & I don’t talk too much trash about everyone.
Last year, a guy named Nick Parker approached me (and other documentarians of the sac punk scene) to contribute to a display that was in the lobby of the main library on I street. It turned out really great, with old flyers, photos, zines, and media.
And I know it sounds like I am bagging on Charles Albright about the IGD LP… but I had to re-buy one as well (for $70) since I gave mine to Jimmie Couch. So it is all of us dad punx who are paying too much for IGD LPs and driving the market price up. haha.
Brian McKenna was there with me and chimes in occasionally.
And seriously, if you know of anyone who has that Dehumanizers sac video, or a clean copy of slayer backstage at the stone, please contact me.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment: Canon HFG40


Audio Demo Flyer Live Concert Video

Barc – demo


2017. Sacramento.
Songs: Crumbling, Soldiers at the Ready, Rod Serling, Dripping, Oozing, Brachyura, Porcelain Government, Decapod Crustacea, Ringo Star, Parents They Just Don’t Understand, Gap Fashion Catalog, I Think It Was Russia, Face Down, Sorry Buddy, Turtle’s Dream, Theodore Sturgeon, Bob Ross, Nocturnal Diseases, Trab, Octupus’ Wasteland.

Demo Video

Blister Brats – demo and live

Sacramento experimental noise punk, 2015-2016.

Starts off with 4-song “Trash Thrash – 2/5 of the Brats” Demo recorded on phone, Oct, 2015.
Next come three songs with more band members and nifty song titles.
Ends with 9 minute Norcal Noisefest performance (last show?), Oct. 2016. Songs: Intro, Fuck It, Hijo de la Chingada, I Don’t Want to Think; Kush Did 9/11, At Least One of Our Neighbors Likes Us, Facemelter; Live at 2016 Norcal Noisefest NFXX, October 1, 2016.

Demo Video