Color TV, 09/29/2018, Blue Lamp, GearFest 2018, Video (Live Concert)

The GearFest 2018 site describes Color TV thusly:

LA power pop with well polished technique and style!
Tipper Newton’s modern take on melodic 80s rock and roll.
Tight and energetic vocal hooks. Pure and catchy hits!

I think you oughta just listen to it and enjoy it – words don’t do it justice, it’s great music! Color TV rocks! You won’t regret tuning in to their refreshing, energizing, authentic sound; lyrics I can fully relate to. (KSD)

Check out their Facebook & Bandcamp & Instagram.

Recorded by: Jim McLain

Band Members: Tipper Newton & Kate Feldmann





Festival Live Concert Video

FUR DIXON & WTFUKUSHIMA!, 09/29/2018, Blue Lamp, GearFest 2018, Video (Live Concert)

From the GearFest 2018 website:

Nearly 30 years after quitting The Cramps, Fur Dixon is reclaiming her place in rock ‘n’ roll. When Fur split from that iconic band, she left behind her electric bass, pink Mohawk and infamous bunny tail to re-establish herself as an angel-voiced singer and acoustic guitar slinger-songwriter in the American roots music scene. She recorded 5 CDs for a quieter crowd of dedicated followers and steered clear of anything to do with jungle drums, feedback, distortion and electric instruments. F*** that. In 2015 she strapped her electric guitar back on and decided it was time to get back to her God-given superpower of doing what she does best which is rocking the f*** out.


According to, her new band, WTFUKUSHIMA!!, is comprised of Dusty Watson (The Sonics) on drums, Paul Roessler (The Screamers, 45 Grave) on keyboards, Dave Provost (Dream Syndicate) on bass, and Bernard Yin (Fuzztones, BellRays) on lead guitar. Their latest full-length album, Return 2 Sender, was released in July 2018- you can buy an autographed copy (and other nifty swag) on the website or purchase via bandcamp, etc.

GearFest 2018 was a Rock Show, Car Show, and Ms. Gearhead Contest at The Blue Lamp, featuring several bands from NorCal & LA, including Public Eye, a band of nascent rockers from Sacto’s own School of Rock – Elk Grove. Proceeds from the show benefitted the Sacramento SPCA Behavior Dept. How cool is that?!


Recorded by: Jim McLain







Festival Live Concert Video

D.O.A., Code of Honor, Hüsker Dü, Rebel Truth, Wrecks – Slam-N-Sweat ’82, Oddfellows Hall, Sacramento, CA, 7/28/82, Flyer

Submitted by: Lee Osh

Promoter: Clear & Distinct Ideas



Wrecks aka Bessie and the Wrecks, of Reno, Nevada.

Bessie Oakley (Bessie of Bessie and the Wrecks) co-curated an art show at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno entitled The Wrong Side of Reno: Three Decades of Punk and Hardcore Music in the Biggest Little City  (Oct 2, 2010 to Mar 6, 2011)

A book was released and can be purchased at Lulu for $40ish (before tax & shipping; $50ish after) here, at Amazon for $60ish here or, you can try to find it in a library via WorldCat here. (If you’re attending a university, try requesting it for free from your library website via ILL- Interlibrary Loan.) Sweet stuff.




Festival Flyer