Expire- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 2/12/17 4 camera Multicam Canon HFG30 Hardcore

Expire played Gilman on their last tour ever, earlier this year. The show was on a Sunday and it started pretty early. I had family obligations and I left to Berkeley as soon as I could. Well, I hit traffic (as an aside, what is up with Sac to Bay traffic now? WAY worse than 5 years ago) and I got there late. I walk in at about 8pm and find out that the show is running way early- all the band’s sets are short. Expire is going on and I have about 10 minutes to set up 4 cameras. So, I start setting up my crap as fast as I could- just tossing stuff everywhere sloppily to get it out there. Right as I set up the last camera and made my way to the back, they started. All of the angles turned out pretty damned great, given the circumstances. It actually made me laugh as I looked at them- sometimes you just get lucky. Agelos did an amazing job of editing this one- he loves the band and it shows. Thank you. Recorded with 2 canon HFG30 (one in gilman’s old sounboard crows nest, one on monopod), 1 HFG10(on the ladder) and a gopro behind the drummer.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Canon HFG30, HFG10, GoPro

Edited/Remixed By: Agelos

Live Concert Video