Johnny Thunders- Kennel Club, San Francisco Ca 10/24/89 xfer from 1st gen cassette

OK, I had very little sleep and a 6am conference call. I have about 15min to kill before getting the kids ready to school so let’s see how many of these I can post.
Here is a Johnny Thunders recording done with my equipment back in 1989. It’s not too bad considering the Kennel Club’s (now called The Independent) acoustics.

Recorded by: Mark Martin
Equipment Used: Sony WMD6C & Sony ECM909 Mic

Audio Live Concert

Victims Family- Cattle Club, Sacramento CA 10/5/89 2 cam edit

00:53 Band Intro
00:59 In A Nutshell
03:25 Lock of Interest
04:41 Not Politically Correct
06:41 Creepy People
09:37 Nazi Inside of my Head
11:01 The Only Way
12:43 Mondo Freudo
14:44 Nirvana
17:32 Sir Onslaught
18:38 Work
20:39 Amigos
22:54 Buffalo
23:41 Crap
26:06 Korona Belly
28:13 Bloated Housewives
30:15 Song X
32:40 Church Card
34:04 God, Jerry & The P.M.R.C.
35:18 George Benson
37:03 As It Were
39:07 They Cut Out His Brain
41:36 Into – Tim the drummer (3rd show)
42:12 Luv Letters
44:27 Mousetrap
46:57 Backwards Forwards
47:52 Doo-Doo
49:19 Quivering Lip
51:42 Friends
53:55 World of Hate
55:58 World War IX
Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Live Concert Video

Tragic Mulatto- Cattle Club, Sacramento CA 10/5/89

Live at the Cattle Club. Opening for Victims Family and 7 Seconds. Video from the collection of Jerry Perry.

0:00 Farm
1:22 She’s A Ho
5:55 Fist Of The Fleet
10:07 Swineherd In The Tenderloin
14:20 Bathroom At Amelia’s
18:20 Hardcore Bigot Scum Get Stabbed
22:30 The Hat
27:25 Rhythm Of Barcelona
30:50 My Name Is Not O’Neill
34:08 Debbie
38:08 I Don’t Mind
41:25 Stinking Corpse Lily
45:40 Freddy
51:12 Rise Up/Get Down
Recorded by: Jerry Perry
Live Concert Video