Tragic Mulatto- Cattle Club, Sacramento CA 10/5/89

Live at the Cattle Club. Opening for Victims Family and 7 Seconds. Video from the collection of Jerry Perry.

0:00 Farm
1:22 She’s A Ho
5:55 Fist Of The Fleet
10:07 Swineherd In The Tenderloin
14:20 Bathroom At Amelia’s
18:20 Hardcore Bigot Scum Get Stabbed
22:30 The Hat
27:25 Rhythm Of Barcelona
30:50 My Name Is Not O’Neill
34:08 Debbie
38:08 I Don’t Mind
41:25 Stinking Corpse Lily
45:40 Freddy
51:12 Rise Up/Get Down
Recorded by: Jerry Perry
Live Concert Video