This one is a bit of a long story. TL/DR version: Part 1 is today, full audio show is tomorrow, part 2 of video is Monday. Video will not be the full show. Audio/video synch starts at about 30 seconds in, and seems to align better after a short while

When I had the ancient Aiwa CV-80 camera from 1988-1992, I used an external microphone so the audio would be decent quality. It was a Sony ECM-909 mic, which required it to be plugged into the camera AND powered on. The old cameras had no audio levels, so if you screwed up and left it unplugged or forgot to power it on, you got silent video and did not realize until the show was over. My 2 biggest screwups were this show (the best show I have ever seen VF play) and Pavement at the Kennel Club in May of 1992. No audio has ever surfaced of the Pavement, but I did tape a nice soundboard of this show.

Massive thanks to Jesse Davis for synching the first 16min of SILENT footage of the show to the soundboard recording. Not easy. It falls out of synch after that, so 17min-45ish min of the set’s video won’t be posted. The final 25ish min will (hopefully) be posted Monday, if pluraleyes can make it happen.

Amazing set with brand new “White Bread Blues” songs, including an instrumental version of “Anti satan song for mom”!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Aiwa CV-80 camcorder
Audio equipment used: Sony WMD6C into soundboard
Video enhanced (brighten/degrain) with Adobe Premiere & Neat Video
Audio Enhanced (boost bass and guitar) with Izotope

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