The Longshot- Golden Bull, Oakland Ca. 6/7/19 Live Multicam Green Day

So much to say about this one. It was pretty packed at the Golden Bull, but they got a new stage setup and the sightlines were still pretty decent. This was a guerilla multicam- I wish I could ask permission (and get a gopro on the drummer) but Billie Joe never appears until it is time to walk onstage. So 3 cameras it is.
HUGE thanks to Dan Hague for the help with filming. He handles 1 G40 on a monopod, and I did the other one. Plonk a gopro on the corner of the stage and we are all set. Another HUGE thanks to Tromster for the edit.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy & Daniel Hague
Equipment used: Canon HFG40 x2, Gopro Hero 4 Silver
Audio: Rode Videomic Pro Stereo
Edit: Tromster

Live Concert Video

No Statik- 1234 Go! Records, Oakland Ca. 2/9/19 Multicam w/KILLTHATCAT

So this was day 3 of a crazy 3 show run in 3 days, with the night before being another trip to SF in the middle of a storm. So I was running on fumes. I had hoped to go to Bottom of the Hill to see the Undead after this, but there was no way.

I still can’t believe they book Infest at 1234 Go! Records. It was so packed and there were huge drops of sweat dripping off the ceiling. I was record shopping right before this set so I got stuck in the back of the room. It made for kind of a crappy G40 monopod angle, but it sounds great!

This was No Statik’s last show ever. The lead singer shoved me off stage while I was trying to set up a gopro behind the drummer. Haha, sorry for being in the way. Thanks to Daniel Hague (Killthatcat) for taking my angles and mixing them with his for a 3 camera multicam. It is chaotic, but that is how the show was.

Recorded by: Daniel Hague & Shayne Stacy

Equipment used: Canon HFG40 w/Rode Videomic Pro Stereo, Gopro hero4 silver, Dan’s camera

Gopro brightened/denoised in Premiere Elements w/neat noise reduction.

Edit by: Daniel Hague

Live Concert Video

Agnostic Front- Metro, Oakland Ca 10/3/18 Multicamera with Rode

After all these years, I had never seen Agnostic Front. They played last month at the Metro so I rolled out with Eric Marias. It was a good show- they played all of the classic songs you’d expect plus their best newer ones. It’s nice when a band knows the songs that people want to hear and they play ALL of them.
Stick with the video- the audio gets better after about 10min and the gopro by the guitar gets readjusted about 10-15min in.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy & Daniel Hague(Thanks Dan!)
Equipment used: Canon HFG40 x2, Gopro Hero4 silver x3, 2 Rode Videomic Pro Stereo
Edit by: Tromster (thanks!)

Live Concert Video

Radolescents- Golden Bull, Oakland Ca. 2/25/18 Canon HFG40 Rode

This show was on a Sunday night, and I totally forgot about it. I was sitting on the couch, checking my feed and there it was. I threw my cameras in my bag and hauled ass from Orangevale to Oakland. I got there about 10min before the Radolescents took the stage!
This show is unique because their vocalist, Frank Agnew Jr, was sick and unable to perform. Rikk, Casey and Dan Colburn stepped in and filled in on vocals. It’s pretty funny to hear Casey do his best Tony Cadena impression, singing while playing drums.
They are coming to the Blue Lamp in Jan- go check them out! They do the Adolescents’ Blue Album + Welcome to Reality EP in full. Frank Jr. sounds a lot more like Tony than you would expect.
PS: I did 3 cameras of the show, but one was shut off by an audience member and the drum cam was poorly lit. The lights were extremely blue, so I corrected it a bit.

Live Concert Video

Monsula- 1-2-3-4 Go Records, Oakland Ca. 12/27/16 Multicam 1234 Gilman Punk

I posted the 1 camera version of this back in December, right after the show. I don’t know if you have been to the 1234 Records concert room, but it is SUPER SMALL with no place to set up multiple cameras. I actually had all of my cameras in my backpack, but they had no place to go. So I stuck a gopro on top of an electrical outlet on stage. It was way too low of a shot and it cut some heads off, but it was the best I could do. We debated editing this, but there are no multicams of Monsula out there at all, so we went for it. Hope you like it! 2 cameras: Canon HFG30 with Rode VPS mic, and a gopro on stage.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Canon HFG30, Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic, GoPro


Live Concert Video