Tiger Trap- Slim’s, San Francisco CA, 10/19/93, Full Set

Recorded by: Tomzero, using Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics into a Sony WM-D6.

Transferred by: Tomzero, using his Nakamichi 682ZX, I’ve merely tracksplit and sharing as lossless 24 bit/48kHz FLACs.


For Sure
(same as 3:59 on Middle East Cambridge upstairs vid)
Don’t Ask
(same as 31:12 on the Middle East Cambridge downstairs vid)
Sour Grass
Puzzle Pieces
unknown ‘one of our newest songs’
Words & Smiles
Alien Space Song
You’re Sleeping
‘Take Me Away’
I Hate You
(same as song 15 on 1993-08-10 Slim’s)

Their penultimate SF show, they would only go on for a month or two more before calling it quits. Rose Melberg went onto play in Go! Sailor, The Softies, and her own acoustic projects. Heather continued on in music, but the other two seemed to have bee less active.

Several tracks remain unreleased, and others only have id’s based on Matt Hartman’s efforts in annotating the video performances.

This is a group that my friends loved back in the day and have passed this onto me, so hoping others also derive pleasure from hearing. Unfortunately, neither could make their final SF show in December 1993.


Audio Live Concert

Tiger Trap- Slim’s, San Francisco CA, 8/10/93, Full Set

Recorded by: Tomzero, using Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics into a Sony WM-D6.

Transferred by: Tomzero, using his Nakamichi 682ZX, I’ve merely tracksplit, performed some slight edited, and presented this as lossless 24 bit/48kHz FLACs.


Don’t Ask
Carrie’s Song
Tore A Hole
You’re Sleeping
Baby Blue
(same as 31:12 on this Middle East Cambridge video)
Sour Grass
For Sure
Words & Smiles
Puzzle Pieces
I Hate You
? (same as song 15 on this August 10th Slim’s recording)
Supreme Nothing

A few songs on here that merit IDs…but don’t think have been released… enjoy! I’ll flesh this out with whatever observations Tom has about this particular show, don’t think Mike went with him for this.


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Tiger Trap- Cattle Club, Sacramento Ca 07/15/93 Soundboard Audio

  1. Tore A Hole (1:28)
  2. Sour Grass (3:57)
  3. Puzzle Pieces (7:40)
  4. Carrie’s Song (10:20)
  5. Don’t Ask (13:57)
  6. You & Me (16:33)
  7. For Sure (19:10)
  8. Hiding (22:00)
  9. Chester (24:40)
  10. Words & Smiles (27:47)
  11. You’re Sleeping (30:33)
  12. Unknown “Do You Remember….” (34:10)
  13. Treasure (37:07)
  14. Supreme Nothing (40:17)

Band: Tiger Trap
Venue: The Cattle Club
Location: Sacramento, CA
Date: 7-15-1993
Setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/tiger-…

Source: Soundboard
Tape Type: Maxell XLII 90
Generation: Unknown (likely 3rd)
Recorded by: Unknown
Digitized by: oaklandcory (1-18-2021)
Processed via: VEED


Tiger Trap- Middle East, Cambridge MA, 6/22/93 Full Set

Recorded (videotaped) by: Jody Urbati-Moore

Shared by: the Billy Ruane live archive preservation

Hello, everyone. This is my first post to the Sacramento Music Archive.
Am going to start by helping out Shayne and filling in when I have something to share.

Matthew Hartman kindly provided the tracklist in a comment.

0:40 Hiding

2:57 Don’t Ask

5:05 Sour Grass

8:30 Carrie’s Song

10:33 Word and Smiles

13:06 Baby Blue

16:02 For Sure

21:40 I Hate You

24:50 Heather’s Song

27:58 Treasure

31:12 ???

34:30 You’re Sleeping

37:27 Chester

41:00 Eight Wheels

43:47 Puzzle Pieces

47:07 You and Me

50:04 ???

52:05 Supreme Nothing

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Tiger Trap- 1992 demos

Recorded by: the band, as while this is labelled “demos”, this to me sounds like a rehearsal recording

Shared by: tomzero


01 For Sure

02-03 Words And Smiles (two takes)

04-05 Supreme Nothing (two takes)

06-08 Unknown #1 (three takes)

09-10 You And Me (two takes)

11 You And Me (bass mix)

12 Puzzle Pieces

13 Tore A Hole

14 Unknown #2

15 Unknown #3 (“Dumb Song”)

16 Sweetheart

This copy is labelled SBD3 meaning master > tape > tape > tape, so it’s not the best, but this does include the *vocal* version of Tore A Hole that Rose stopped singing to because she thought her lyrics are bad, so subsequent live performances of this are instrumental.  

I haven’t done any mastering/cleanup, though there were a few dropouts I patched, as well as clearing out bumps caused by stop/starting recording, it’s pretty much as Tomzero ran these off tape…

I checked against the extant videos since they also have unreleased songs, but the other three aren’t anything that’s out there.

My friend Mike Siou has SBD2 and one day I’ll encourage him to make me a lower-gen copy, but suspect this won’t be a huge improvement. Mike got his version from a fellow concertgoer/fan by the name of “Matt” that we met at a 2016 Guided By Voices SF show, and Matt got his from Rose Melberg.

Listen/download here

Update: Mike kindly provided additional commentary:

  • He received these demos in late ’92, and would play them quite frequently in his car, so factor that into getting his copy, it may be worn out!
  • Mike saw Tiger Trap nine times in the 1992-93 time frame, starting with Matt’s birthday party at his house, up to their final gig at Slim’s in SF with Velocity Girl around October ’93.
  • Mike has a tape from 7/15/93 at the Cattle Club in Sacramento with they playing with Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, as well as a 4/20/93 show where he was very inebriated
  • A full gigography from Mike’s POV:
    • August 1992 – Matt house
    • Fall ’92 – Chico show. Mike noted there’s also a VHS of them with Matt introducing them
    • Jan 1993 – some basement with Karp / Unwound (maybe more Karp). Mike followed up with a note that “Maybe Karp didn’t play the 1/93 Sacramento but I bought a Karp demo tape from someone, who could have been a guy in Unwound. Or from Karp. I did buy another tape that Rose said was awesome but I forget the moniker.”
    • Jan 1993 – like a bowling alley
    • Mar 1993 – chameleon room (Valencia Street) opening for Mecca Normal
    • 4/20/93 – cattle club (no idea how I taped it or who was holding onto the tape / Marantz / mic since I was so intoxicated)
    • May 1993 – cattle club (no taping, ARGH) – the one time I saw them play Supercrush
    • June (??) 1993 – “jazz” club on Fulton Street (next to former Pasquales and across from former Petrinis) by Masonic, Sf (opening Tore A Hole; also played Supercrush; no taping)
    • 7/15/93 Cattle Club with Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
    • Oct 93 (??) – Slims opening for velocity girl – friend taped with D6 master.

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