Redrum- Power Corrupts LP Rough Mix w/different vocals xfer from master tape January 1989

There’s kind of a long story behind this one, and this is only my memory of it..
After the first day of recording the LP, we ran off a cassette of the rough mix to listen to. Vonni (was it only Vonni?) thought that the vocals were too clean, and wanted them re-recorded. I thought they sounded great, they sound exactly like how Carlos sang back then. So back in the studio they went, to “dirty up” the vocals and release the CD that you might have heard. I think this version is FAR SUPERIOR. Too bad it is just a rough mix.
Side note- listen until the very end- there is a BONUS cover that Vonni sings. The guy who laughs when he starts singing is me.

Recorded by: Moon Studios
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: TDK D90 playback with Nakamichi Dragon/Audiophile 2496 card into reaper.
Promo photo taken by Kevin Graft

Audio Live Concert

Redrum- Studio Footage for the Power Corrupts CD, Golden Ear, Citrus Heights Ca 1/28/89 Thrash Metal

I have a glut of video to post, so you get video on a Friday.
Here’s something you will either find totally boring or totally fascinating. I had this idea to get some studio footage and use it for a promo video (kind of like Iron Maiden’s Flight of Icarus promo) but it never went anywhere. Guitars and drums were tracked in the same room- crazy.
Inner ear studio was a little garage studio in the suburbs. I wish I remembered where it was exactly. I think it is in between San Juan ave and Mariposa somewhere. It’s all a blur.
My favorite part is when Parisi needs to duct tape the headphones to his head to keep them from falling off. Pure gold!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 camcorder with shitty stock mic
Degrain in Adobe Premiere/Neat Video

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Groovie Ghoulies- Music Machine, Los Angeles Ca. 1/25/89 Multicam

These next videos are ones that I (nor Jim, Zoran etc) filmed. Since Groovie Ghoulies were based in Sacramento (and Kepi went to high school with me), they get posted. Here is a CLASSIC multicam of an early incarnation of the band, when they were based in L.A. That hair is amazing.

Recorded by: Unknown (Music Machine may have had a multicam system there)

Live Concert Video

Monsula- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 1/20/89 xfer from low gen audio tape Soundboard East Bay Punk

About 13 months ago, Todd Pritchard and Savannah W came out from upstate New York to vacation in California. Their type of vacation included trips to Gilman, hanging with East Bay Punk luminaries, and heading out to Sacramento for 1 night to stay over at our place, see the sights in Sacramento, and see a show that night.
Todd had about 2 hours to dig through an enormous amount of unlisted tapes- collections from Jason Ross and many others. He pulled out about 15 tapes and for the most part, he picked some good ones- thanks Todd. It would have been years before I got to these otherwise. I’ll be uploading some of these tapes over the next month or so.
Here is the first one- a really nice quality Monsula board tape from early 1989. From the banter, it sounds like it may have been Bill’s first show with the band.

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card
A tiny bit of Dehiss in Izotope RX7- not enough to make it sound funny, so it still has a little hiss

Audio Live Concert

Redrum- Club Me, Sacramento Ca. 1/15/89 Master Soundboard Audio Only Thrash Metal

So I got back in touch with Bobby Whitright a couple of days ago and he was looking for a specific Redrum show. Since I was listening to this one, I decided to post it as well. Taped from the soundboard on a high bias cassette. Club Me became the Cattle Club shortly after this show. Great covers of Misfits and Iron Maiden toward the end of the set. The mix settles down and while it is imperfect, it ain’t bad.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy


Audio Live Concert

Redrum- Club Me, Sacramento Ca. 1/15/89 xfer from master videotape Enhanced with soundboard Audio

Here’s a fun one that is vastly improved with all of the enhancements. This might have been the last time I saw Redrum with the Bobby and Jeff lineup. Show stops about halfway through so Vonni can have a bathroom break… and I follow him into the bathroom for a quick interview. What was I thinking?
We tried to enhance the board tape to bring up guitars, but Jeff’s bass is at the same frequency as the guitar so when I boost guitar, I get an annoying bass “pluck” which is unlistenable at the end. So, you get the raw board tape. It’s not too bad.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 camcorder
Soundboard recorded on house tape deck
Video enhanced via Adobe Premiere and neat video- Brighten, exposure, contrat and noise reduction.
Audio tape transferred via Nakamichi Dragon
Audio/Video synch by King Bean

Live Concert Video

Junkyard- Unknown Location (San Diego?) 1989 Xfer from master VHS Juni Bravo Archive

JUNI BRAVO ARCHIVE: I bought a bunch of live VHS tapes of Ebay about 6 months ago. I bought them mainly for a Bad Religion Multicam from 1988 that was uncirculated, but I got a while box of VHS tapes. The tapes were intriguing enough for me to try to find out who Juni is- it turns out that she was a Video archivist from the mid- to late-80s based in San Diego & texas. She followed the Exploited on tour in 1988 and produced the “Anarchy in the USA” VHS tape for them. She passed away a couple of years ago and (unbeknownst to me) some guy was selling her stuff off. I decided to post the stuff that was OK to post publicly to be sure Juni got her due, and to let fans of the band see this stuff- there is some gold in here. I also NEED YOUR HELP with some of this stuff. The tapes were poorly labeled so I don’t know who some of the bands are, and I don’t know most of the venues. Any help identifying stuff is appreciated.

Recorded by: Juni Bravo


Live Concert Video