Musicalifornia- Local TV Show w/ The Pandoras, The Bangles, Raszebrae, Black Flag 1st gen VHS 1988

My friend Erik Flannigan generously gifted these files to me the other day, asking if they were good candidates for the sac music archive. I looked at the first episode and THE PANDORAS are on it! It was a total surprise.
Question for you Black Flag video completists– is the footage at about the 20:00 mark circulated anywhere? I tried to search “black flag casa blanca” on youtube and nothing came up. If it is uncirculated, what a find!

Recorded by: ?
Transfer from 1st generation pre-broadcast VHS tape

Live Concert Live Performance Video

Rollins Band- Mississippi Nights, St. Louis Mo. 6/3/87 Multicam TV xfer from studio master

Here’s another mississippi nights video. I remember Jim telling me that a lot of the 1/4″ umatic tapes “walked away” from the station, so these 1st gen VHS copies may be the best remaining versions.
This Rollins show is intense- it’s pretty amazing to see the energy he puts into these early shows for 80 minutes! Damn.
This came from KDHX directly- this is a VHS tape right off of their 1/4″ master tape. Huge thanks to Jim Utz & Dede Schofield for giving these to me 20ish(30?) years ago.

Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HR-S9911 w/TBD– Canopus ADVC300– Sony Vegas Pro 10.

Live Concert Video