G.B.H. – Oasis Ballroom, Sacramento Ca. 7/16/86 xfer from Master or 1st gen cassette Audio GBH

alright, I got my Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck back and I had to test it out, so here are a couple of shows for you. GBH is coming to Sacramento tomorrow- thanks to Brian for bringing them for the first time in a while. Here is a tape from the archive, done with the old non-pro setup. It doesn’t sound that terrible, given the room and the recorder. Taped by with Mark Martin or Ricky. Mark, do you know if you taped this? Is this tape the master?


Recorded by: Mark Martin (I think)

Equipment Used: Panasonic recorder (I think)

Audio Live Concert

Redrum- Oasis Ballroom, Sacramento Ca 12/29/85 xfer from Master Soundboard audio tape

I’m back! Man, that was a painful PC transition. Trying to figure out how to manipulate my itunes library.xml file at 1am this morning was AWESOME.

Anyway, this was probably one of the most influential shows I ever attended. I was friends with the band so I was carrying my boom box into The Oasis to record the show. Someone from the band (Vonni or Mike I think) asked “why don’t you record through the soundboard”? I was amazed- you can actually do that? So I ran out to the car and grabbed a D90 and taped over The Faction’s Darkroom album (sorry guys).
After the show, I popped it into my car cassette deck and was floored. I had no idea you could get such good sound from a board tape! So, you are all to blame for these 10,000 tapes now.
Funny side note: years later, I was doing something and absent mindedly let the other side of the tape play until the end. I discovered that the start of the set (dance of death) was also on the end of the other side of the tape! So, that is here for pretty much the first time ever for people to hear.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Sound Engineer: Greg Williams (I think)

Audio Live Concert