Barbara Manning- Melarkey’s, Sacramento Ca 7/25/97 Audio only xfer from DAT master soundboard

Here’s another post in memory of Lane Campbell from Postcard. I need to recognize the Postcard group — they are an email list of about 1,000 people. I have been on the list for about 20 years but I do not post often (lurker). The way that they have come together to support Lane, Lane’s family and each other through this tragedy has been incredible. Impromptu fundraising for Lane, phone lists in case anyone needs someone to talk to, and love/support for each other. Thank you.

Lane loved Barbara and they were personal friends. This recording comes from Melarkey’s when she toured solo as an opening act with Bettie Serveert. I am shocked that there are ZERO pictures of Melarkeys on the internet.

Thanks to John Taylor for the sweet mix. Yet another Brian Mckenna production.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D7

Audio Live Concert

Son Volt- Fillmore, San Francisco Ca 7/25/97 xfer f/ DAT Master Clone Live Jay Farrar Uncle Tupelo

I had an old friend request this to be digitized, so I figured that I’d add it to the archive. The funny part is that I took vacation and followed son volt from Arizona through southern cal, but did not tape this show. One day, those shows will be posted as well. I borrowed Kurt Vogel’s schoeps for that run, so they sound pretty good.
Side note- how do you like those DAT covers? I graduated from the old Typewritten covers to this in 1997. Classic.

Recorded by: Kurt Vogel?
Equipment used: Portable DAT and Schoeps CMC-64 mics, Aerco preamp
Digitized by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony PCMR500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Concert

The Upsets- Press Club, Sacramento, CA. 7/18/97 xfer from master video Rat’s Ass Tales of Terror

Here’s another surprise from Kirk Janowiak today- a set from his & Marty Sertich’s side project The Upsets!

“Back in 1996 while Martin Sertich and I were heavily involved in our band Pocket Change, a couple of friends of ours, Andy Keogh and Nate Sponsler enticed us into joining in on their new rock n roll adventure ‘The Upsets’. The first original line up of The Upsets consisted of Andy Keogh on vocals, Nate Sponsler on lead guitar, John Sylvia on Bass, Martin Sertich on Guitar and I was on Drums. Logan Murray would soon replace John on Bass. The line-up of Andy, Nate, Martin, Logan and I played one of our first shows at The Press Club supporting Electric Frankenstein. Here is the full set from that gig. It is a bit rough towards the beginning of the set (we kind of butcher our cover of “I’m Stranded” by The Saints probably because we had a tough time hearing each other.) **Note special guest vocals by Pat “Rat’s Ass” Stratford from ‘Tales Of Terror’ on the song ‘Why?’ at about the 7:50 mark**.

Though we loved our time playing with The Upsets, Martin and I could not fully commit to them because we were still heavily involved with our main band Pocket Change. Eventually Martin would be replaced by Jesse Nichols on guitar and Sean Kehoe would replace me on drums. Later on Logan would be replaced by Ronnie Marshall on bass.”

Recorded by: ?

Transfer by: Kirk Janowiak

Live Concert Video

Redd Kross- Melarkey’s, Sacramento Ca. 7/12/97 DAT Master Audio Transfer

Redd Kross is playing at Holy Diver tonight. This is a rare treat- I don’t think they have played Sacramento since 1997… and speaking of 1997, here is the 1997 Sacramento show for you to enjoy.
They played Melarkey’s with Sloan in July of 1997, touring their Show World LP. This is a DAT audio recording through the soundboard. The mix fluctuates quite a nit early on, but John Taylor did a nice job and was able to stabilize the mix.
Btw, I have been hearing rumors that they are opening their shows with “Pretty Please Me” by the Quick, same as this Melarkey’s show. It should be awesome!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Sony TCD-D7 DAT most likely

Audio Live Concert

Son Volt, Rusted Root, Blues Traveler MMW and More- HORDE Fest, PBS On Tour TV Show 7/97 VHS Master

I have been working for about the past month to get a new/improved VHS capture setup working, which would also decrease the number of computers from 5 to 4 out here. It has been quite an ordeal, but it looks like I got it dialed in as of today. I captured this one earlier in the week (just to see if the setup was working ok) so if there are any A/V synch issues, please let me know. I can’t watch this much jam band at once.
I taped this one for the 2 Son Volt songs from HORDE in Buffalo, but this includes a bunch of HORDE acts, recorded at various stops from the 1996 tour. Includes Me’Shell Ndeg√©Ocello and Son Volt from Buffalo NY 8/20/96; Medeski, Martin and Wood/Leftover Salmon from Phoenix 7/24/96; and Blues Traveler/Rusted Root from Chula Vista 7/26/96. Good people watching on this one- you can almost smell the patchouli through the screen.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC consumer VCR
Transfer equipment: JVC HRS9900U and Tevion High Speed DVD Maker+ into Virtualdub 1.9.11

Live Concert Video