Faith No More – Freeborn Hall, Davis Ca 01/18/1993 Audio

Audio via Violator_Vtr
01 Intro
02 Caffeine
03 Falling To Pieces
04 Land Of Sunshine
05 Zombie Eaters
06 Midlife Crisis
07 Chinese Arithmetic
08 RV
09 Surprise! You’re Dead
10 Be Aggressive
11 Introduce Yourself
12 Easy (Commodores cover)
13 Crack Hitler
14 We Care A lot
15 Woodpecker From Mars
16 Jizzlobber
17 Epic
18 Kindergarten
19 Sweet Dreams (Lloyd Landesman cover)
20 Edge Of The World
21 Let’s Lynch the Landlord (Dead Kennedys cover)
22 Death March
23 Mark Bowen

Mommy- Sacto Active Rock, Sacramento Cable 1993 Go Dog Go Magnolia Thunderfinger

Mommy was Skid Jones & Paul Niklewicz’ band after Go Dog Go, and before Skid started Magnolia Thunderfinger. You MUST watch the interview after the performance. Skid is sitting on a throne with the guys surrounding him. When Lizz asks a question, he sits there and someone offstage (PAUL) answers for him! It is bizarre. Mommy was: G.B.- Guitar, Vocals; Jones- Guitar, volcals; Timm Freeman- Drums; Pawelek Stansilaw Niklewicz- Bass.

Live Concert Video

Thornucopia- Sacto Active Rock Community Cable Episode #28 1993

Here’s Thornucopia- a Davis band that played in the late ’80s/early ’90s around the area. If my memory serves me correctly, I think they opened the Nirvana Cattle Club show. Johanna later married Guy Kyser from Thin White Rope. They had a band called The Mummydogs together. Thornucopia were: Jed Brewer- Guitar. Nick Frederick- Bass. Johanna Galos- Vocals. Brian Gattridge-Drums. Justin Zimmerman- Guitar. Please tag them if you think they are interested in seeing this. Please subscribe to my youtube channel if you’d like notifications of new posts.

Live Concert Video

Moist- Sacto Active Rock Community Cable Show- Episode #26 1993 The Skirts

Thanks to a kind benefactor, we now have transfers of about 30 “Sacto Active Rock” episodes straight from the VHS masters that were taped off of cable. I will post these as time allows. Here’s a band that I wish I had seen, but was never able to. Moist was Sunita, Karen and Wendy’s band prior to The Skirts. In fact, you can hear some early Skirts songs/riffs in some of their catalog! SO Awesome to be able to see them.

Live Concert Video

Draw Pinky- Sacto Active Rock Community Cable Show Episode #27 1993

Man, I really don’t know much about these guys. They are labeled as an “avant-gard troupe” on some websites. Feel free to chime in with more info about them if you’d like, or let the band members know that this has been posted: Jack Hastings- Bass; James Stewart- Drums; Bob Jolly- Guitar; Gary Sears- Keyboard, Bass; William Fuller- Vocals, Keyboards; Linda Melvin- Vocals; Jane Hastings- Vocals. Enjoy.

Live Concert Video