Camper Van Beethoven Cracker- Pappy & Harriet’s, Pioneertown Ca. 2/3/00 xfer from 8mm master

So this was a BIG DEAL. Camper broke up in Sweden during the 1990 tour and it was said (at the time) that they would NEVER. PLAY. AGAIN. So when they let me know that this was happening, I was thrilled. I drove from home(sacramento) to Pioneertown to catch their first show back. Damn, that is a long drive in 1 day. The show was great, and I got to meet a lot of new fans which was cool. I remember some of the band being excited/nervous, and I was as well. This was my only visit to Pioneertown- I need to go back. Filmed with Sony TR81 camcorder. I also have DAT audio, but I remember it being super muddy/not good.
This has Camper & Cracker playing one long set together. Camper/cracker songs mixed throughout.

Live Concert Video

Cracker- Autzen Stadium, 061894 xfer from dat clone audio only

don’t have access to wifi so I will attempt to post this to the website from my phone.
This show is probably my favorite cracker set ever. Opening for the grateful dead no less. Morgan fichter (CVB violin 1989-90) joined the band and they played a few songs from the 1990 camper van Beethoven set. Very nice surprise.

Recorded by: unknown
Equipment used: Sony tcd-d7 and nakamichi cm300 mics.
Transfer by: shayne stacy
Equipment used: Sony pcmr500, m’audio audiophile 2496 card


Cracker- Autzen Stadium, Eugene OR 6/17/94 audio only xfer from DAT clone opening for Grateful Dead

Cracker opened a 3 day run for the Grateful Dead in Eugene OR in 1994. This is the 1st of the 3 show run. This show is more of a standard Cracker set vs. the killer 6/18/94 set w/Morgan Fichter.

Recorded by: ?
Equipment used: Soncy TCD-D7 & Nakamichi CM-300 shotgun mics
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Soncy PCMR-500/ M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Concert

Cracker- Cattle Club, Sacramento Ca. 12/29/92 xfer from Hi8 Master LIVE


Here’s the last Cattle Club video I filmed(I think). I happened to be in town over the Christmas holiday, visiting family so I checked out Cracker at Cattle. They played there twice in 6 months! This one is so loud that it distorts the stock mic on the camera. I did not record any other audio sources either. Damn.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Live Concert Video

Cracker- Cattle Club, Sacramento Ca. 7/10/92 Part 1 from 8mm Master!

This was a great coincidence- Gary Shurtleff and I had a friend in the bay area named Karl(RIP) who wanted me to tape a show, so he loaned me his NICE Sony TR-81 camera. I spent the entire weekend videotaping my sister’s softball games and then headed to Cattle to see if Cracker would let me video. As usual, CVB and Cracker’s manager Jackson Haring was totally cool with taping so I got this early cracker show. Notice the beautiful sequined dress that bass player Davey Faragher is wearing. Stock mic so there is some distortion.Once I used that camera, I had to drop the $800 to buy one for myself. 🙂

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Sony TR-81

Additional help by: Jackson Haring

Live Concert Video

Cracker- Greek Theatre, Berkeley Ca. 6/6/92 xfer from 2nd gen audiocassette 20 min euro-trash girl

Some friends and members of the band asked me to dig this one up, so I bumped it up on the priority list. Cracker is opening for Primus here, and someone in the crowd apparently threw something and hit David early in the set. To retaliate, they play the current song (Euro-Trash girl) for over 20min. You can hear the crowd howling in protest about halfway through the song. Classic! David hurls the insults mid-song after he gets hit at about 15:50. MUST LISTEN.

Recorded by: ?
Equipment used: ? (sounds like a sony WMD6C)
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card
Hiss removed with Izotope rx7’s spectral denoise.

Audio Live Concert