Faith No More – Freeborn Hall, Davis Ca 01/18/1993 Audio

Audio via Violator_Vtr
01 Intro
02 Caffeine
03 Falling To Pieces
04 Land Of Sunshine
05 Zombie Eaters
06 Midlife Crisis
07 Chinese Arithmetic
08 RV
09 Surprise! You’re Dead
10 Be Aggressive
11 Introduce Yourself
12 Easy (Commodores cover)
13 Crack Hitler
14 We Care A lot
15 Woodpecker From Mars
16 Jizzlobber
17 Epic
18 Kindergarten
19 Sweet Dreams (Lloyd Landesman cover)
20 Edge Of The World
21 Let’s Lynch the Landlord (Dead Kennedys cover)
22 Death March
23 Mark Bowen

Dead Kennedys- Freeborn Hall, Davis Ca 02/21/1986 Audio

The final show! Sound is good. Improves after the usual first 5 minutes of old warped cassette.
1) Goons Of Hazzard
2) Hellnation
3) Terminal Preppie
4) When Ya Get Drafted
5) Rambozo The Clown
6) This Could Be Anywhere
7) Soup Is Good Food
8) Chemical Warfare
9) Man With The Dogs
10) MTV Get Off The Air
11) Triumph Of The Swill
12) Kill The Poor
13) A Child And His Lawnmower
14) Jock-O-Rama
15) Chicken Farm
16) Holiday In Cambodia
17) A Commercial / Bleed For Me
18) Too Drunk To Fuck
19) Moral Majority
20) We’ve Got A Bigger Problem Now

7 seconds- Freeborn Hall, Davis Ca. 2/21/86 Audio only xfer from master tape

With the news of Freeborn Hall getting torn down, I thought I would digitize this old audio recording. Between the non-professional equipment used + the volume + the acoustics of freeborn, this sounds like ass but what a great set. Early 1986 is definitely my favorite 7 seconds era- right after Walk Together and about the time of the DC Sessions from New Wind.

Opening for (the real) Dead Kennedys last show

Recorded by: Mark Martin
Equipment used: Consumer Panasonic Recorder

Audio Live Concert