Sacramento Audio Waffle #38 – Javalounge, Sacramento Ca. 5/27/12

This is the audio recordings from Sacramento Audio Waffle #38.
Recorded May 27, 2012 at Java Lounge, Sacramento, CA


released January 28, 2018

audio capture, editing,mastering, and produced by Lob Instagon
flyer design by Lob too.

all recordings rights are owned by the artists that made these sounds, any use for any reason, needs to be cleared with them first.

Audio Live Concert

Kepi Ghoulie- Javalounge, Sacramento Ca. 7/9/07 xfer from DV Master

Here’s another Kepi show from a week after the one I just posted. He sure played Javalounge a lot in 2007. I went to see him play a TWO HOUR set in September. I knew nobody then.
This show seems to be singalong night. It starts with a crowd singalong, then people get onstage and sing, and the end is 2 minutes of a bunch of kids on the street with guitars and singing. So cool.

Recorded by: Lys Mayo
Equipment used: Canon ELURA 100

Live Concert Video