Sacramento Audio Waffle #38 – Javalounge, Sacramento Ca. 5/27/12

This is the audio recordings from Sacramento Audio Waffle #38.
Recorded May 27, 2012 at Java Lounge, Sacramento, CA


released January 28, 2018

audio capture, editing,mastering, and produced by Lob Instagon
flyer design by Lob too.

all recordings rights are owned by the artists that made these sounds, any use for any reason, needs to be cleared with them first.

Audio Live Concert

The Freeze- Java Lounge, Sacramento Ca 4/14/09 Master Audience Recordings DPA4061 Mics Punk Hardcore

If you are wondering why I continue to post shows on the day (or days) after the anniversary, it is because cool people like Brian McKenna and Lee Osh keep posting flyers of the show on the anniversary date. That prompts me to pull the show out and get it up there, before the flyer image gets lost in the chaos that is my computer file system. Side note- if anyone has a flyer image for the Blackwater Cafe show in Stockton, let me know. Maybe Middagh has one. I need to post that show too.
I have been a big fan of The Freeze since the mid-80s. This tour in 2009 was the first time I had ever seen them perform. This show was entertaining because I was one of the only older people there and my wife looked totally out of place at the show as well. While The Freeze were playing, a guy with a mohawk and leather jacket came up to us, and started doing this ridiculous dance 6 inches away from us, back to the band facing us, arms flailing. I think it was a guy from the Snotcocks. I stood there quietly bemused since I was recording the show. I still smell his B.O. when I recall that memory… so thanks?

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Edirol R44 and DPA4061 mics
Post processing by Jason Ellis

Audio Live Concert

Kepi Ghoulie- Javalounge, Sacramento Ca. 7/9/07 xfer from DV Master

Here’s another Kepi show from a week after the one I just posted. He sure played Javalounge a lot in 2007. I went to see him play a TWO HOUR set in September. I knew nobody then.
This show seems to be singalong night. It starts with a crowd singalong, then people get onstage and sing, and the end is 2 minutes of a bunch of kids on the street with guitars and singing. So cool.

Recorded by: Lys Mayo
Equipment used: Canon ELURA 100

Live Concert Video