Kai Kln- Owlfest, Kelseyville Ca 6/29/19

Owlfest is a homegrown festival that started as a group of like minded bands and their friends in the desert, and has evolved and expanded over nine years of festivities. ¬†Over twenty acts grace the Owlfest stages over a three day event with camping, vendors, and activities. ¬†Owlfest 8 took place at the Blue Mountain Event Center up in Wilseyville, CA, and Taper Jim McLain was there to document several of the acts’ performances.

Live Concert Video

KAI KLN- Harlow’s, Sacramento Ca. 12/22/18 Jerry Perry Benefit Multicam Live w/Matrix Audio Taperjim

Damn, this video is good. HUGE thanks to Jim for putting so much into this- it sounds fantastic and the edit is excellent! Funny story- I had to run upstairs to get my camera & recorder from Momo so I missed the start of the set. I just tossed a gopro next to Neil Franklin and he ended up whacking it during the first song! He readjusted it and it happened to be a perfect drum angle. Sometimes it is nice to be lucky.

The place was packed for Kai Kln’s set- it was the most full I had ever seen Harlow’s. ~$10k raised for Jerry & family- well done everyone!

Recorded by: Jim McLain & Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon R500, HFG30, HFG40, Gopro amongst others.
Edit by: Jim McLain
Audio recording & Matrix work: Jim McLain

Live Concert Video

Kai Kln- Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco Ca 01/13/2007 (3 cam edit)

Dedicated to Randy Mantei, who provided me with the original two camera angles, unknown tapers.

Thanks to Sherman Loper for help acquiring the third camera angle. One of the cameras was very shaky, you might notice occasional black edges on the video from the stabilization I used. Thanks to Pumpkin and Leif Henderson for access to the third camera angle. Thanks to Vinnie Palese for his audio. Two additional audio sources were mixed into Vinnie’s recording for the final soundtrack, except for Socialite which is just Vinnie’s.

Live Concert Video