KAI KLN- Harlow’s, Sacramento Ca. 12/22/18 Jerry Perry Benefit Multicam Live w/Matrix Audio Taperjim

Damn, this video is good. HUGE thanks to Jim for putting so much into this- it sounds fantastic and the edit is excellent! Funny story- I had to run upstairs to get my camera & recorder from Momo so I missed the start of the set. I just tossed a gopro next to Neil Franklin and he ended up whacking it during the first song! He readjusted it and it happened to be a perfect drum angle. Sometimes it is nice to be lucky.

The place was packed for Kai Kln’s set- it was the most full I had ever seen Harlow’s. ~$10k raised for Jerry & family- well done everyone!

Recorded by: Jim McLain & Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon R500, HFG30, HFG40, Gopro amongst others.
Edit by: Jim McLain
Audio recording & Matrix work: Jim McLain

Live Concert Video