Here are all of my(Shayne’s) tape lists. PLEASE keep in mind that I started this hobby when I was in my teens.. so if you see a listing for “satan’s bake sale” or “goregrindnunf*cker”, it does not necessarily represent my current views. Also, some of my comments are juvenile and idiotic, because.. well.. I was a juvenile idiot. Here it is, in all of its unfiltered glory. Please post below with your requests for posts to the site. It would be great to keep it to stuff I taped, or stuff from sacramento to keep with the site’s theme.. but I can do other stuff too. Please add ONE request per post so I don’t get overwhelmed!

In summary:

  • I have posted my lists for you to browse
  • If you want me to post something, please post ONE item in comments and give artist/venue/date/tape # (scroll WAY the hell down there for comments)
  • it’s good to keep things to things I taped, but I will take requests
  • please check youtube to make sure it is not posted already in similar quality

Notes about the source/generation info:

AU= Audience recording (mic in the crowd)

SB= Soundboard recording

FM= recorded of the radio

ST=Studio recording

Generation info:  

M= Master recording

M1= 1 cassette dub from master

M2= 2 dubs, etc

M-Dat= DAT Master

MD-D= DAT Clone

DAT-CDR= DAT recording cloned to CDR

you get the idea, I hope.

PS: If anything is deemed sensitive by the artist (demos, rarities), I won’t post it. Artist first.


Audiotapes as of 013118

Videos as of 013118


    1. It might have been the Hoodstock Manson Family Christmas show?
      Friday, December 27, 1996


  1. Hello, I would really like a copy of:

    RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Fillmore, San Francisco, CA – 12/28/1987 – 1031

    Thanks a lot for the time and effort on this site!


  2. CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN – BRONCO BOWL, DALLAS TX. – 9/1/1989 (1989-09-01) – TAPE #1866

    My father went to this concert, but a friend of my uncle “didn’t see opening acts” (it boggles the mind), so they missed Camper Van Beethoven. I’d really, really like to be able to be able to burn him a CD of it, so he can listen to it after all these years (no matter the quality) 🙂


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