Hoods @ Den Of Sin 12/16/17

Hoods perform new music @ Den Of Sin – Sacramento, California 12/16/17 with Terror, Sworn Vengeance & Peace Killers

Hoods is a metalcore band from Sacramento, California. Formed in 1994 by Mike (Hood) Mraz who later added Logan Murray, Tony Goodloe and Billy Gaffney. Hoods shows influences such as Madball, Sick of It All, Minor Threat and Cro-Mags. They released their first EP entitled Once Again in 1996 and concentrated on live performances. After numerous fights between fans and an altercation between a couple of the band members and a police officer, the band was more or less forced out of the Sacramento area. The band concentrated efforts on the San Francisco Bay Area playing shows with groups such as Powerhouse, Redemption 87 and Skin Lab. In 1997 after a disagreement with bandmates and his mother’s illness Gaffney left and was replaced by Jeremy. Murray and Goldoe then left and were replaced by Ben and Mario. Mike was the only original member left. The Hoods were dropped from Victory Records. They signed with Eulogy Recordings in 2005 and released The King Is Dead. The group released a new album, Ghetto Blaster, on April 24, 2007. The newest release Pit Beast dropped in late May 2009 after the band signed with I Scream Records. In 2014 the band signed with Artery Recordings and released “Gato Negro”.

Live Concert Video

Stick to Your Guns- Ace of Spades, Sacramento Ca. 11/21/15 Multicam Hardcore Punk

Another show, another run-in with Ace of Spades security crew. I got to the venue SUPER early, during soundcheck to secure permission. Drew & the band were cool about it and got the OK for me. I went to dinner then came back and set up my equipment, which includes a tripod at the far corner of the photo pit next to the stage. I have done this multiple times before. 5 minutes before the show, I have 3 cameras set up and running. Mr. yellow jacket comes over and here’s how the conversation goes: YJ: “Is that your camera up front on a tripod” Me: “Yes it is.” YJ: “You need to move it, it can’t be there” Me: “….(shocked pause) WHY? I have set up tripods there multiple times and it has worked out fine” YJ: “You camera is going to get destroyed. it will get knocked over” Me: “I assume full responsibility for the camera” YJ: ….. (pause) “You need to move the camera” So, instead of 3 camera, this is 2 camera. I tried to be extra diligent with the camera work to make up for it. Thanks to Agelos for the killer edit(he likes this band a lot). Taped with 1 HFG10, 1 HFG30, and audio is from Rode Video Pro microphone. Thanks to the band for permission, and thanks to the guy on the upper level for watching the second camera!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used:HFG10, HFG30, Rode Video Pro Mic

Edited/Remixed By: Agelos

Live Concert Video

Crucifix (1984)- Continental Club, Oakland Ca. 2/22/14 Part 1 Multicam VIDEO

1984 is Sothira & Jimmy from the classic Crucifix lineup in the 80’s, along with guys from the hardcore band Side Effects filling out the lineup. This was their first show back and it was intense! The poor guys running the club never knew what hit them. In a club in west Oakland. Thanks for Dan Hashthrash for going with me to ensure I did not get killed, and to Agelos, Bong, and Yannis for all of ther editing & synch work. I think Bong did ALL the work on this one.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Camera 1 (zooms/handheld): Canon HFG10. Camera 2 (stationary): Canon HFM30

Edited/Remixed By: Agelos Porf, Yannis, Bong.

This is part 1. You can find the rest on youtube by searching the same title.

Live Concert Video

Flyer: Bastards Of Young, Charles Albright, Cory Wiegert, Alex Dorame, Doose, Mad Judy, Rad at Phono Select, Sacramento, CA 09/24/11

Bastards Of Young, Charles Albright, Cory Wiegert, Alex Dorame, Doose, Mad Judy, Rad
Phono Select
Sacramento, CA

“Tastes Like Bat Guano” Compilation Listening Party & Release Show (aka Bat Guano Fest 1 – Show 3)

Flyer scan by Ken Doose

Alternate flyer with early lineup of show

Flyer by Sean Hills