Mike Watt & The Missingmen- Old Ironsides, Sacramento CA 2/26/16 Full Set

01 (intro)

02 If Reagan Played Disco

03 Joe McCarthy’s Ghost

04 Paranoid Chant

05 Badges

06 On The Front

07 Fanatics

08 The Punch Line

09 Straight Jacket

10 Times

11 Statement

12 Art Analysis

13 Slots

14 I Shook Hands

15 The Big Lounge Scene

16 Party With Me, Punker

17 On Trial

18 Working Men Are Pissed

19 Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs

20 One Chapter In The Book

21 Fake Contest

22 Beacon Sighted Through Fog

23 Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing

24 The Big Foist

25 Retreat

26 Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth?

27 Spillage

28 The Politics of Time

29 It’s Expected I’m Gone

30 The Glory of Man

31 June 16th

32 The Tin Roof

33 Life As A Rehearsal

34 This Road

35 1970

36 Fun House

37 The Red And The Black

Recorded by: Jim McLain

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Bastards of Young- Starlite Lounge, Sacramento Ca. 2/21/16 Part 1

Last night’s show was so much fun, so many great local bands played along with Tiltwheel. I wanted to say “it was like an all star team of locals” but then I could name 5-10 more GREAT bands. We are lucky to have this scene here. I have been to L.A., Portland (repeatedly) and NYC in the past 4 months and none of them have a scene like this… and NYC surprised me with the lame-ness. OK, Bastards of Young were playing 3rd on the bill, but were probably the biggest draw of the night. The room was definitely the most full then. More great melodic punk. Sean Hills promoted the show and plays bass in the band! Thanks for the show, Sean. You guys sounded great.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy


Live Concert Video