Zero To Heaven- Old Ironsides – Sacramento CA, 12/16/04 xfer from master videotape

From Kirk Janowiak:

So back in 2003 we decided to call it quits with our band Pocket Change. Rather than break up, we decided to continue on with our current line-up at the time which was Mathew Sertich on vocals and bass, Troy Backes on guitar and me on drums. We changed our name to Zero To Heaven, scratched most all the Pocket Change songs and began writing a whole slew of new songs for Zero To Heaven. Soon Ryan Nethaway joined on 2nd guitar shortly followed by Patrick O’Neill on keyboards. Pat also would take on guitar duties after Troy left the band. This is a show we played in 2004 at Old Ironsides when Troy was still in the band and Pat had just joined.

Live Concert Video