Rad Conspiracy (formerly the RC Boys), Private Toy – Kins Coloma, Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, CA, 5/9/81, Flyer

Submitted by: Lee Osh

Promoter: Jerry Perry Presents


Dennis Yudt (member of Rad Conspiracy) shares:

The flyer: That was when our band, RC Boys – because we’re all from Rancho Cordova and in high school – decided to change our name. We only played 3-4 shows under that name. Charles Albright put out three songs of ours last year [2018] that were found from an old live show in ’81. Phono Select had them. Jerry Perry was the RC Boys “manager.”

Kin’s Coloma was a Chinese restaurant that us high school kids conned into putting on all-ages shows. They were very awesome people that fed us and gave us beer – at 15/16 years old – which sadly was eventually their demise. I played the show – with 7Seconds – when we were raided by the police for underaged drinking. Basically if you had $3 you could get a pitcher of beer, age didn’t matter. 1981. Crazy times.