Corrupted Morals- Whole Earth Fest, Davis Community Park 6/3/89 xfer from 8mm master LIVE

I think that I had to work during at least part of this set. I vaguely recall begging Mike Yoas to help me film this with my equipment. I’m not sure if he did the entire show, or if I am the one who came and got close to the stage. Really nice quality- I wish all punk shows could be outside in the daytime.


Recorded by: Mike Yoas & Shayne Stacy?

Equipment Used: Aiwa CV80 w/ECM909 mic

Live Concert Video

Corrupted Morals- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 7/17/88 xfer from master tape!

This was a memorable trip to Gilman. I remember getting down there late to see this show- I think this is the one that Dayglo Abortions was supposed to play but never showed, earning the name no show abortions.
Anyway, we were starving when we got there and CM was getting ready to play. So, I handed my camera to Chris Dodge who filmed the part of this set while we went to get pizza. You can see Chris interviewing band members on stage during the set. Larry also flashes the camera, which is pretty damned funny.
please watch until the end- Steve Vontill and other gilman nerds run around with the camera and dork out, gilman style.

Live Concert Video