Sewer Trout Experience- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 1/6/18 Multicamera with Matrix Audio w/ Sarchasm

I usually have a rule about NO COVER/TRIBUTE BANDS, but I’ll make an exception here. First, because the band being covered is Sewer Trout- where else are you going to hear these songs played live again? Second, because this band kicks ass. Alex Botkin shreds on bass. Third, Cole Gates (Vocal/guitar) is the perfect frontman for something like this. Just look at those faces he makes while singing. Awesome.
Sorry about losing focus on the camera I was using- this was the first time I ever used an HFG40 and it took a bit to figure out how to work it.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG40, HFG30 x2.
Audio equipment: USB Drive through soundboard matrixed with Rode Video Pro Stereo audience recording, by Shayne Stacy
Edit by Tromster

Live Concert Video