Fishbone- Mississippi Nights, St. Louis Mo. 11/5/86 xfer from master VHS off studio Umatic

There are still a LOT of VHS tapes to be digitized (over 1,000) over here. I have done some as people have asked for things, but I have not started to do them all yet. Someone posted a link of the well-circulated Fishbone show from St. Louis 1986 and I noticed that the quality of the show on youtube is not very good, and the show is incomplete. So, I guess I’ll need to get to posting some of these.
This is the 1 hour version of the show that includes interview clips with the band. This came from KDHX directly- this is a VHS tape right off of their 1/4″ master tape. Huge thanks to Jim Utz & Dede Schofield for giving these to me 20ish(30?) years ago.

Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HR-S9911 w/TBD– Canopus ADVC300– Sony Vegas Pro 10.

Live Concert Video